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The reviews are slowly creeping in for Resident Evil 6. Playstation Magazine has already showcased a positive review in which they called the experience "unforgettable." However, another review released by Insight Factor is not as complimentary.

The Italian publication's writer David Persians proclaimed that "the Resident Evil we knew does not exist anymore, Capcom has definitely lost and all we have to do is live on memories."

Persians prefaces the review by stating that he was not a fan of Resident Evil 5 which focused more on action rather on the survival horror roots of the franchise. He reiterated that RE6 was yet another step in the wrong direction. He lamented that the "ingenious" and nerve-wracking puzzles were gone. He lamented the lack of strategizing to survive the waves of enemies that could not all be killed.

He went on to call the product "mediocre" and that it did not deserve to beat the name "Resident Evil." He states that the characters' movements are wooden as in past installments. The mobility is not significantly improved and aiming is still difficult. Exploration is "frustrating" and the shooting is too static and "unrewarding" as it employs a "mediocre cover system." The combat is also a sore point for Persian who remonstrates about the "inability to lock onto targets."

In terms of exploration, the puzzles are limited and lacking in depth or imagination. He also believes that some of concepts for the enemies are borderline ridiculous and utilizes zombies with machine guns as an example. He is particularly angered by this aspect as he feels that it is a kick in the face for purists and essentially defaces the franchises' identity.

Visually, Persians is also unimpressed as none of the imagery is inspired, has "no charm," and lacks "attention to detail."

Persians ultimately gave the game a 5/10 and refused to delve into any positive aspects of teh game such as co-op or playing as multiple characters. 

Capcom stated that they were hoping to combine the survival horror roots of the franchise with the more recent emphasis on action. This all-inclusive nature is likely to turn off some fans and it looks like this is the first of what may be a large batch.

RE6 will be released on October 2nd for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

UPDATE: The ending has been spoiled for Resident Evil 6. Find out it ends HERE.

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