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A still image from Resident Evil 6 showing Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller (Photo : Capcom)

With Resident Evil 6 due for release in a few months, rumors have continued to run rampant.

Capcom has confirmed certain rumors such as a fourth campaign by Ada Wong as well as the fact that newcomer Jack Muller is Albert Wesker's son, but there are still plenty of speculations that have not been confirmed.

The first major rumor is that Ada Wong now has a clone named Carla Radame. In the latest trailer she appears to be Ada but is never referenced as her. Apparently she is behind the deaths of Chris' men in Europe and is the main villain of the story. The rumor was sparked as people debated whether Ada Wong, a series' staple could be the game's villain. During the course of her appearances in the series, she has been nothing more than an anti-hero, but for her to take the next step and be the person behind all the destruction simply seems out of character for such a beloved character by the fanbase. A clone would not be shocking as the Resident Evil movies have utilized this concept throughout their stories. To further support the rumor, the apparent Ada Wong is never referenced by name and Leon even claims that she is a "key witness."

The most popular rumor however is that fan favorites Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield have finally married. The rumor was spread when a picture profile of Chris from the game was released in an issue of Game Informer stating that he had now married Jill and that she was no longer a field operative. Jill and Chris were both the main characters and partners since the start of the series and have only appeared in a few games together. Their last adventure together was Resident Evil 5. Their close association with one another and a few Capcom hints have created volumes of fan love stories and videos. If this one is in fact true, there will be a great deal of Resident Evil fans who will forgive Capcom for any past misgivings. If this rumor were true, it might explain why Jill seems to be absent from Resident Evil 6.

The bottom half of a page from Game Informer revealing Chris Redfield's new relationship with Jill Valentine.
The bottom half of a page from Game Informer revealing Chris Redfield's new relationship with Jill Valentine.

UPDATE: The ending has been spoiled for Resident Evil 6. Find if Chris and Jill are in fact married  HERE. 

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