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BY David Salazar,  Apr 05, 2014 09:43 AM EDT
Ultimately "Under the Skin" is a highly intricate experimental narrative from a visionary filmmaker with one of the best performances in recent memory by Scarlett Johansson. Those expecting more conventional fare will undoubtedly be put off, but those willing to try something new will come away altered and fascinated.
Mathway App

5 Back-to-School Apps That Students Should Not Miss

Students can now make the most out of their smartphones by using these five apps to help them unleash the ease and joy of schooling.
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' Gameplay Review: Xbox One Better Than PS4?

Based on performance analysis results, the "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" campaign operates better on the Xbox One compared to the PlayStation 4.
Jordan Spizike

Jordan Spizike 'Space Blue' Release Date & Price: Where to Buy?

The latest colorway to the Jordan brand sneakers will be hitting retailers on October 15. Jordan Spizike "Space Blue" would retail for $175 according to Nike.
A Promise

'A Promise' Movie Review: A Clumsy & Confused Adaptation of Stefan Zweig's 'Journey Into the Past'

"A Promise" is ultimately a run-of-the-mill period film that neither elevates the genre or has anything new to add. The performances are solid throughout, but unfortunately the actors are unable to make sense of this choppy and derivative period melodrama.
Opera, Metropolitan Opera, Malin Bystrom, Michael Volle

Metropolitan Opera 2013-14 Review - 'Arabella': Malin Bystrom & Michael Volle Showcase Artistic Brilliance in Rarely Performed Strauss Gem

Throughout the 2013-14 season, the Metropolitan Opera has revived the works of Richard Strauss. Despite being one of the undisputed kings of the operatic repertoire, his works have not been a permanent fixture every single season. This year, the Met brought back his ever popular "Der Rosenkavalier" as well as the rarely performed "Die Frau Ohne Schatten." For its final dose of Strauss, the house revived "Arabella" for the first time since 2001 when Renee Fleming took on the title role. The revival featured the Otto Schenk production was a truly satisfying rendition of the final collaboration between Strauss and his long-time librettist Hugo von Hoffmansthal.
Opera, Kristine Opolais, Metropolitan Opera

Metropolitan Opera 2013-14 Review - Madama Butterfly: Kristine Opolais' Genius Brings Puccini's Glorious Masterwork to a New Level

Opolais has four more performances of the role at the Met this season and there should be no doubt that like her sensational performance on Friday, she will only get better and better as the run progresses. Her Butterfly is arguably one of the best of modern times and will leave the viewer emotionally exhausted due to its visceral nature. Anthony Minghella's glorious production, which is usually one of the main draws for a revival of this wonderful work, is the icing on the cake.
Movies, Scarlett Johansson

'Under the Skin' Movie Review: Scarlett Johansson Delivers Incredible Performance in Deliberate & Illumination Study of Identity and Alienation

Ultimately "Under the Skin" is a highly intricate experimental narrative from a visionary filmmaker with one of the best performances in recent memory by Scarlett Johansson. Those expecting more conventional fare will undoubtedly be put off, but those willing to try something new will come away altered and fascinated.
Opera, Boheme, Grigolo

Metropolitan Opera 2013-14 Review - La Boheme: Vittorio Grigolo, Anita Hartig & Youthful Cast Bring Unbridled Passion & Nuance to Puccini's Masterpiece

Most of this cast will reappear on Saturday April 5 when the opera gets a long-awaited HD broadcast. Judging from the exceptional performance on Saturday night, that worldwide transmission will be one for the ages. Audiences who are able to catch the last few performances of Boheme will be treated to an unforgettable night filled with unbridled passion, but intelligent stagecraft at the same time.
Movies, Noah

'Noah' Movie Review: A Bold & Imaginative Adaptation of the Bible Story With Great Performances & Some Questionable Fantasy Elements

Despite these shortcomings, Aronofsky's "Noah" dares to be bold with the source material and manages to create an intricate and psychologically-piercing thriller that also touches upon existential issues relating humans' interactions with God. The film's major fault may be that it strives to be a blockbuster when it really never needs to be. But even then, "Noah" sets a higher standard for what large Hollywood productions can achieve and should strive for.
Movies, Captain America, Black Widow

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Movie Review (Minor Spoilers): Refreshing at Times in Its Depth, But Overly Cautious in its Risk-Taking

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is a lot of fun and features solid performances from its cast throughout. However, it is impossible to walk away from the film without feeling that it is incomplete; it becomes abundantly clear at the end that a lot was left out with the intention of saving things for the sequel. Fans of the Marvel Universe will undoubtedly savor and converse about all the questions left in store for the sequel, but the rest of the viewers might start to feel a bit wary about the ongoing parade of Marvel movies and their increasing manipulation.
Opera, Metropolitan Opera

Metropolitan Opera 2013-14 Review - Andrea Chenier: Zeljko Lucic & Patricia Racette Shine in Umberto Giordani's Masterwork

"Andrea Chenier" is a passionate masterwork that moves at an unrelenting pace. The Met's current production remains timely despite its age and the singers, for the most part, gave terrific performances. These performances have surely made a case for the opera's more persistent revival at the famed house.
Movies, Nymphomaniac

'Nymphomaniac Vol. 2' Movie Review: Darker & More Emotionally Gripping Than The First Part of Lars Van Trier's Magnificent Magnus Opus

"Nymphomaniac Vol. 2" needs to be watched with the first installment in order for the viewer to truly experience the full power of Van Trier's intricate character study on human degradation. The film is far from easy viewing, but those courageous enough to traverse along its rocky road will come away transformed. The four-hour saga is a defining masterpiece that will be discussed for years to come.

Handelfest 2014 Review: American Classical Orchestra Presents Unforgettable 'Alceste' & Other Handel Rarities

None of the pieces on the program are regularly performed. But the execution of the American Classical Orchestra made a compelling case for the place of these works within the standard repertoire to be reconsidered.
Movies, Divergent

Divergent Movie Review: Shailene Woodley's Solid Performance Overshadowed By Mediocre & Generic Execution

Despite surprisingly solid acting, especially from Shailene Woodley, "Divergent" misses the mark throughout. As a standalone film, it is an utter failure that feels like a rip-off of other superior novels and movies; as the first part of a trilogy, it is a bland and boring entry. Fans of the book will likely flock to see and give the movie its approval, but most other moviegoers will likely be turned off by the plodding pace and generic execution.

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