Nina Pham

Nina Pham's Boyfriend 'Secretly' Admitted After Showing Ebola-Like Symptoms?

The boyfriend of Nina Pham, one of the nurses who contracted the Ebola virus at a hospital in Dallas, may also have the disease, several news reports revealed.
Police Tape

3-year-old Girl Beaten & Choked to Death by Stepdad

A 20-year old man has been arrested and charged with assault and endangering a child's welfare after allegedly beating to death his three year old stepdaughter after she soiled her pants, reports said.
Thomas Eric Duncan vigil

Ebola Virus Disease Watchlist, Death Toll & Cases in the US: Thomas Eric Duncan's Family Passes Quarantine Period

A number of Dallas locals and the family of the first Ebola patient treated in the U.S. have recently been cleared for the end a standard quarantine period for those who have come in contact with an individual infected with the deadly virus.
San Francisco 49ers v Denver Broncos

Broncos' Peyton Manning Breaks NFL Record for TD Passes

Peyton Manning now holds the all-time NFL record for the most touchdown passes. He made four again during the Denver Broncos game against the San Francisco 49ers incluidng the third one which broke Brett Favre's earlier record of 508 TD passes.
Ebola Scare in Braintree, Massachusetts

132 People May Have Ebola Virus in USA After Flying with Patient

CDC has included in its monitoring the 132 passengers who flew with Amber Joy Vinson, the second nurse who was tested positive for the Ebola virus, from Cleveland to Dallas on October 13. Vinson was running a 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit fever during the flight.
Debris Field - Louisiana

Louisiana Loud Boom a Mystery: Aliens Could be Reason?

At around 4:30 p.m. Monday this week, some Louisiana residents were alerted to a loud boom and a bit of rattling. Could this be a sign of alien activity?
President Obama Meets With Cabinet Members On Ebola

Ebola Virus Outbreak 2014: List of U.S. Cases in Cities & States News Update

Days after Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan died of Ebola on October 8, while being treated in the U.S., there are two more confirmed cases of the disease in the country as of October 15, 2014.
Business Leaders And Politicians Speak At 2014 Dreamforce conference

Woman Who Threw Shoe at Hillary Clinton to be Released from Custody [Video]

Alison Emst, the woman who threw her soccer shoe at former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas last April is set to be released from custody.
African Grey Parrot

Talking Parrot With British Accent Vanishes for 4 Years; Returns Speaking Spanish

Four years ago, Nigel was speaking in English with a British accent. Returning home, he is now speaking Spanish.
Jeremy McSpadden

Teen 'Zombie' Killed at Idaho Attraction

A teenage was killed by a bus while playing as a zombie at Idaho's Incredible Corn Maze.
Ebola Scare in Braintree, Massachusetts

Ebola Virus Hits Boston? Local Who Visited Liberia Shows Symptoms

Sunday in Boston was marred by an Ebola scare as a man who had visited Liberia was recently sent to the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center complaining of symptoms that appeared to mimic the deadly disease.
Map of the Applegate Fire

Applegate Fire in California 25 Percent Contained; Multiple Points of Origin Uncovered, Maps as of Oct. 10, 2014

25 per cent of Applegate fire is contained, while investigations say that the fire has multiple points of origin.
Police Tape

White Policeman Kills Black Teen in St Louis, Triggering Fresh Protests

A white off-duty policeman shot and killed a black teenager in St Louis on Wednesday, officers said, triggering a night of protests just miles from the site of another police shooting of another black youth in the suburb of Ferguson.
Dallas, Texas Ebola Containment

Ebola Virus Dallas Patient is Dead; Remains to be Returned to Family

The first individual diagnosed with Ebola in the United States has died on Wednesday after battling the fatal disease since late last month.
2014 Ebola outbreak

Dallas Ebola Patient on Ventilator and Receiving Kidney Dialysis

The Ebola patient fighting for his life in a Dallas hospital is on a ventilator and a kidney dialysis machine to help stabilize his health, the hospital said on Tuesday.

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