conditioner before shampoo

8 Bathroom Hacks & Fixes: Conditioner Before Shampoo?!? WHAT?!?

Our bathrooms must be L-O-V-E. We share some functional bathroom hacks, DIY designs, and shower tips to keep them cozy, tidy, spacious, and even stylish.
Baby Mop

Funny Yet Awesome Inventions

These may really look so odd and strange but for some, these inventions can also be awesomely useful and cute!
Limberbutt McCubbins

Meet Hillary Clinton’s newest opponent: Kentucky cat Limberbutt McCubbins running for president

The left-leaning feline is looking to give presidential candidates a run for their money, pushing an agenda that involves legalizing catnip and granting free health care to all cats and dogs.
Border Patrol

Mexican Migration to U.S. Down 57 percent

University demographers found a weak U.S. construction job market to be one of many reasons immigrants aren't crossing the border in record numbers anymore.
Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Tours U.S. Border In Texas

Donald Trump Still Confident He'll Win Latino Votes

Despite his continuous comments about Mexicans, Trump stood near the Mexican border on Thursday still with confidence that he will win the Latino votes.
Hot Dogs

National Hot Dog Day 2015 – History, discounts, and where to get free franks

Dozens of eatiers nationwide will either be discounting or giving away free wieners in honor of the holiday that dates back to the 1950s.
Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison hackers release first victims’ personal information [NEWS UPDATES]

"Impact Team," the person or group behind Sunday's infltration of, released private information about and American and a Canadian user of the extramarital affair site.
GOP Presidential Hopefuls Address South Carolina Freedom Summit

Donald Trump to visit Texas Thursday, will speak ‘near the actual Border’

Trump is set to meet with a local border patrol chapter near the sleepy town of Laredo in a location approximately 10 miles from the border.
Nation's Lawmakers To Take Up Gun Control Legislation Debate

Florida gun range owner declares his store ‘Muslim-free’ on YouTube [WATCH]

Florida Gun Supply owner Andy Hallinan said he won't allow Muslims into his store unless they prove to be "as American as you and I."
Trump: Without me, 'you wouldn't even be talking about immigration'

Latinos Not Invited to Sunday News Shows As Much Compared to Counterparts: Report

According to Media Matters, Hispanics make up over 17 percent of the U.S. population yet get little television airtime when it comes to controversial topics like health care, jobs, and the economy.
Cubans Face New Reality As Ties With U.S. Renewed After Years Under Strict Embargo

Cuban Embassy Opens in Washington; Diplomatic Relations Restored

After half a century of hostility, the Cuban flag was raised over Havana’s embassy in Washington D.C.

7 Common Makeup Mistakes: Basics But Nonetheless Important

Women and makeups are inseparable. We list some common mistakes that girls usually do in their pretty faces. Learn it from here and know the tricks to unleash the real beauty in you.
Fast Spreading Southern California Wildfire Engulfs Cars In Flame On Freeway

San Bernardino Fire 2015 [MAPS & NEWS UPDATES] Rain calms North fire in the Cajon Pass, still only 5 percent contained

A pair of wildfires north of Los Angeles slightly tapered off Saturday as scattered showeres brought much needed moisture to the area.

Immigration reform news 2015 - U.S. Digital team uses technology to speed up citizenship process

The newly formed U.S. Digital Service team released recommendations this week that would streamline a slow-moving immigration process.
beautiful romantic supper with candles heart on the sand sea beach - a couple of newlyweds or lovers

Study finds Americans aren’t just skipping vacation time, they’re hurting personal relationships in doing so

The average person admitted to skipping at least three life moments per year while about 43 percent dedicated less than 20 hours a week to quality family time.
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