A state trooper walks by a grieving student as students and family members reunite at Shoultes Gospel Hall, following a school shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, in Marysville, Washington October 24, 2014.

Washington School Shooting 2014: Gunman Shoots Friends; 2 Killed

A high school student at Marysville Pilchuck High School in Washington on Friday opened fire in their school's cafeteria.
New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys & Broncos Most Popular Teams According to Twitter

A Twitter interactive map plotted the popularity of each NFL team in America based on the number of followers on their respective Twitter accounts. Dallas Cowboys is the hands down most popular team in the NFL with Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos coming out as the most popular NFL player on Twitter.
Ebola Awareness

Ebola Virus Outbreak, Watchlist & Cases in the US: List of Victims in United States

With the rise of American citizens afflicted with Ebola, it's worth noting how many and who had contracted the deadly disease. Here's our most updated list.
Koda and her owners

Bull Mastiff Reunited With Owners; Traveled 1,380 Miles [Watch Video]

After several months, Koda is finally back home. Thanks to Nebraska truck driver Jimmy Dimmit who drove 1,380 miles just to bring the 95-pound bull mastiff to her family in Arizona.
Bellevue Hospital

NYC Doctor Confirmed to Have Ebola Virus Disease

An American doctor has tested positive for Ebola infection in New York City. The 33-year-old physician came from Guinea and previously treated patients there.
Starbucks Chestnut Praline Latte

Starbucks New Holiday Drink, Chestnut Praline Latte, First in Five Years

Chestnut Praline Latte to make its way in Starbucks chains nationwide on November 12.
White House

White House Fence Jumper Attacked by Dogs; Watch Video

Dogs and Secret Service agents caught a man who climbed over the White House fence in Washington, reports said.
Enthusiasts Gather For Indonesia's International

Mini Cooper 2014 Models Gas Mileage Inflated by BMW

The US Environmental Protection Agency has ordered BMW to reduce gas mileage estimates on the window stickers on four of its 2014 Mini Cooper models after an audit discovered that the figures were overstated.
Kid bullied for disgusting shoes gets a new pair.

Kid Bullied for 'Disgusting Shoes'; Stranger's Act of Kindness Will Make You Cry

A story recently drew the attention of netizens as a stranger's simple act of kindness brought relief to a child who had been bullied at her school for having "disgusting shoes."
Breaking Bad Toys

'Breaking Bad' Toys & 5 Other Banned Kids' Toys

It should be noted that these "Breaking Bad" action figures are not the only playthings that have caused controversies. Some releases were even banned by the government in the past.
Massive Ignition Switch Recall Weighs Heavy On GM's Profits

GM Ignition Switch Recall: Death Toll Rises to 29

A third party facility authorized by General Motors Co. (GM) has approved 29 of 184 death claims as a result of the faulty ignition switches in its vehicles.
VitaFrute Cocktails By VEEV Coconut Colada Launch

Brooke Burke-Charvet Hot Photos: Topless Pics Displayed on NYC Gallery

Topless photos of former "Dancing with the Stars" host Brooke Burke-Charvet have made it to a New York City gallery for an art show.
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas Nurses Speak

Ebola Virus Outbreak News in the US: Texas Watchlist at 120

Dallas County officials have placed 120 people under the 21-day monitoring period for possible Ebola virus infection. While the number is still significant, Dallas officials see improvement as 43 of the 48 persons in the original watchlist have been released from quarantine.
Partial Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2014 Date & Viewing Time: Watch the Partial Solar Eclipse

About two weeks after this month's blood moon, a partial solar eclipse will be on display in North American skies on October 23, Thursday.
Nina Pham

Nina Pham's Boyfriend 'Secretly' Admitted After Showing Ebola-Like Symptoms?

The boyfriend of Nina Pham, one of the nurses who contracted the Ebola virus at a hospital in Dallas, may also have the disease, several news reports revealed.
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