Star Wars Fans Train As Jedis In Lightsaber Class In San Francisco

Want Some Real Sword Fighting? Check Out Singapore's Jedi Academy Here!

Lightsaber training school opens in Singapore
Foreign Sovereigns Attend Dinner to Commemorate the Diamond Jubilee

Swaziland King Chooses New Wife: 38 Women Killed in Crash While Travelling to Festival

At least 38 women died and 20 were injured in a vehicular accident en route to Swaziland's annual Reed Festival.
bago Travel Duffel Bag For Women Men And Kids - Lightweight Foldable Duffle Bag

Essential Products in Your DIY Travel Emergency Kits

Travelling needs not to be worrisome. Be sure to keep these things into your DIY travel kits to really make the getaway blissful and fun!
Tropical Storm Erika 2015

Tropical Storm Erika [PATH MAPS] Forecast Update 2015: Not Yet Hurricane, Expected To Reach Florida by Weekend

Floridians it's the time again. Head for the er... hills. A major storm is headed your way. Tropical Storm Erika is reportedly heading to South Florida and is expected to hit this weekend, as early as Sunday. It has yet to reach wind speeds to categorize it as a hurricane.
VENUS FLY TRAP Seeds - CARNIVOROUS Dionaea Muscipula Flower Seeds

 Weird and 'Scary' Amazon Products that can Surprise Your Friends and Enemies, Too

Send your friends some spook-tacular and fa-boo-lous gift items with all your love!
Detengan la construcción del muro que divide Argentina y Paraguay

Argentina and Paraguay build wall that stops immigration, petition compares it to Donald Trump’s proposal

Petiton creator Daniel Prino claims Paraguay and Argentina governments built a wall along Rio Paraná after hearing Trump make a similar proposal for the U.S.-Mexico border.
Colorful Twilight Romantic Sky Star Master Projector

10 Products That Will Turn Your Bedroom into A Dreamland

Buy these products to make your bedroom the coziest and the best part of your homes!
Cute Panda Pocket Sandwich Cutter

10 Specialty Kitchen Items that Will Make Your Breakfast More Appetizing

See this and you'd never dare to skip breakfast.
Pet group concept

Spoil Your Pets with These High-Tech and Quirky Pet Presents

These are some 'futuristic' products that will surely pamper your best dog or cat buddies!
Starbucks Reports Quarterly Earnings

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte With Real Pumpkin: Will You Try It?

Real Pumpkin added to new recipe of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte
Lila May Schow

A 5-Year-Old Girl Celebrated Her Birthday, Prom and Wedding - All in One Day

Since it might be her last birthday, everyone joined her in the blissful celebrations. And yes, all were really emotional.

Social Media Reactions on Mancunian Way 40ft Deep Sinkhole [PHOTOS]

Back Off! The giant sinkhole in Manchester has caused more than just traffic chaos.
Bear Captured Near Los Angeles

Bear Burglar Attempting to Enter Man's Home Fails Due to a Cat Door

Bear caught in cat door while trying to get into Idaho man's home

Cuba raises the American flag, U.S. Embassy reopens amid violence and growing tension

Anti-Fidel Castro dissidents were not allowed into Friday's U.S. embassy opening in Havana, prompting many to wonder whether the Cuban government banned them intentionally.
Beetroot antioxidant

Foods That Can Help You Fight Cancer

Cancer no more! Try these foods to help you get rid of cancer.
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