conditioner before shampoo

8 Bathroom Hacks & Fixes: Conditioner Before Shampoo?!? WHAT?!?

Our bathrooms must be L-O-V-E. We share some functional bathroom hacks, DIY designs, and shower tips to keep them cozy, tidy, spacious, and even stylish.
Red chili pepper between big boobs

10 Problems Only Busty Women Would Understand

Big breasts are assets! While boobs can really be beautiful and sexy, they too cause some problems. And we say, the bigger the boobs, the bigger the problems.
Woman sleeping on a cotton pillow case

Sleeping Hacks for Better Sleep

Can't sleep? Let these sleeping hacks cradle you to sleep.

8 Things Successful People Do

Why successful people succeed more? And why we all just can't? Well, find out in here as we list six greatest things successful people do every day.
Baby Mop

Funny Yet Awesome Inventions

These may really look so odd and strange but for some, these inventions can also be awesomely useful and cute!
Check-up. Medical report and urine test strips

Pee 101: What Your Urine Color Says About You

Your urine color partly determines the status of your health. So the next time you pee, care to check its color and see how well you do.
Shortest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century

Expect a Full Blue Moon on July 31: Facts, Details Here

Learn about the coming blue moon on July 31 only here!
Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Tours U.S. Border In Texas

Donald Trump Still Confident He'll Win Latino Votes

Despite his continuous comments about Mexicans, Trump stood near the Mexican border on Thursday still with confidence that he will win the Latino votes.
Great White Shark near surface in blue water.

Aussie Pro Surfer Survives Shark Attack on Live TV

Shark attacks? Learn how Mick Fanning survived the 'real pro surfing' competition. Brace yourself!
Cubans Face New Reality As Ties With U.S. Renewed After Years Under Strict Embargo

Cuban Embassy Opens in Washington; Diplomatic Relations Restored

After half a century of hostility, the Cuban flag was raised over Havana’s embassy in Washington D.C.
El Chapo Guzmán

'El Chapo' Escape News Update: Prison Workers Charged as Search For Mexican Drug Lord Continues

The search for the Mexican drug lord “El Chapo” continues as seven prison workers are now suspected to be accessories to his escape.
Beautiful young girl doing exercises at home

Popular Women Exercises for the Home - Going Beyond the Typical Fitness Routines

Exercise is good for our health. Women like us should strive harder to keep ourselves fit, healthy, and beautiful. In here, we collect some popular workout routines for women that you can always try, even in the comforts of your own home.
Poached eggs on toasted baguette slices.

Easy and Quick Microwave Snack Recipes

Try these surprisingly easy yet delicious microwave snack recipes - perfect for busy peeps like you!
Let's talk over a cup of coffee!

7 Things Men Really Want to Hear from Women

Feed his ego and make him feel more loved and special with the best compliments you can utter. Good luck!
lazy man hates the alarm clock

5 Things You Should Avoid in the Morning For a Less Stressful Day

Rise and shine! Make your mornings productive by avoiding these routines.
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