Bullying Has Claimed the Lives of Children in Mexico.

Here, three of the most mentioned cases in recent weeks in Mexico.

Brazilian Crisis Is Complicating World Cup's Organization [Video]

This time, the chaos began after the city train operators abandoned their units in an act of protest leaving users stranded on roads, causing traffic chaos.

Events That Occurred 28 Years Ago Affect Wildlife Today [Video]

Events in the environment change everything. Problems that might be like something out of a science fiction movie can happen. For some creatures, this is the way their life has been for almost three decades.

Good Samaritan Catches Baby Who Falls Two Stories.

This video shows how a baby falls from a second story and is saved by a man, this video has amazed people around the world.
President Nicolás Maduro

Airlines Exiting Venezuela Because of World Cup, Maduro Says

Air Canada recently cut flights to Venezuela because of security concerns, Alitalia suspended services due to delays in repatriating revenue under currency controls, and a clutch of other airlines have reduced the frequency of flights
John Kerry

Kerry to Discuss Venezuelan Crisis on Mexico Visit: U.S. Official

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will discuss stalled talks over unrest in Venezuela on a trip to Mexico on Wednesday, a State Department official said, adding that Washington hopes for progress quickly to ease a crisis in which dozens have been killed.
Pig Virus

Mexico Reports Deadly Pig Virus in 17 States Out of 19 Tested

Mexico reported outbreaks of a deadly pig virus in 17 states out of 19 tested, the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) said on Thursday.
Revillagigedo Island

Snake Species Thought to Be Lost Rediscovered on a Mexican Island

A species of snake considered to be lost was seen for the first time in almost 80 years on a remote island of the Mexican Pacific, revealed the media on Tuesday.

Look at How Motherly Love and Protection Is Present Even in Animals

An extraordinary video which captures the moment in which a mother bear helps its cub cross dangerous traffic in a highway in British Columbia, Canada, has become an online phenomenon, owing to the moving images and how users simply can't keep themselves from comparing the maternal instinct in animals to that of humans.

Hey Ronald McDonald! Your Employees Want to Tell You Something! [Video]

The worldwide McDonald’s strike is still on the spotlight of the restaurant circle.
Smallest woman

Meet the World’s Smallest Woman [Video]

The world’s smallest woman is 18 years old and she has the height of a three-year-old child.
Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower Friday, May 23 2014: Never-Before-Seen Phenomenon, 'Camelopardalids' Shower Might Surpass Perseids - Time, Locations, Where It Can Be Viewed

The night of Friday, May 23 and the early morning of the 24th will see the most spectacular phenomenon ever seen in the skies of North America, a meteor shower called Camelopardalids" by NASA which might surpass the beauty of the Perdeids, according to the American Agency.
Yoani Sánchez

First Independent Digital Newspaper in Cuba: Blogger Yoani Sánchez Challenges the Castros' Media Monopoly with Newspaper '14ymedio.com'

Cuban blogger and dissident Yoani Sánchez challenged the island's state monopoly on the media by launching an independent digital newspaper on Wednesday, in a country where Internet access is restricted and the flow of information is controlled by the government.
Statue of Liberty

Global Warming Risks 2014: Rise in Sea Levels Threatens the Statue of Liberty and Other U.S. Monuments

The rising of sea levels as a consequence of global warming has put many U.S historical monuments in danger, some of them truly emblematic such as the Statue of Liberty and the Kennedy Space Center, warned a report made by experts, made public on Tuesday.
Thailand Under Martial Law

Thailand Under Martial Law - News & Updates

This recent development is not new to Thai citizens. They've gone through a total of 18 “actual and attempted” takeovers by the military in the past since 1932, the year Thailand instituted constitutional monarchy.
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