North Korea

North Korea Welcomes Foreigners in 'Funny' 26-Mile Marathon

It looks like the ultra “secretive and isolated” North Korea is slowly opening itself up to the rest of the world, most recently with the country's 27-year-old annual marathon.
President Nicolás Maduro

Maduro Calls U.S. Government Officials 'Ridiculous'. Washington Rejects Venezuelan Ambassador

Tensions between the governments of Nicolás Maduro and Barack Obama continue after the Venezuelan President dismissed the warnings from American officials on the possibility of adopting measures against his country, calling them "ridiculous" for attempting to sanction Venezuela.

Find Out Why Cats Are the Best Alarm Clock [Video]

Huffington Post proves that there isn’t a better alarm clock that a playful cat.

Dream of Surfing Comes True to a Paraplegic Woman [Video]

The whole amazing experience was captured in a documentary posted on YouTube.
Fin The Cat

A Lesson of Patience: A Cat and His Adoptive Puppies [Video]

The next video captures Finn tolerating his mischievous two puppies, Storm and Shadow, who don’t stop to annoy him. Take a look at Finn’s reaction

Dog Waits for His Owner Outside Hospital [Video]

This touching story and the special moment when dog an owner are reunited were captured on video by the hospital’s staff, which was posted on YouTube and went viral almost inmediately.
Canned Fresh Air for Sale

Fresh Air in a Glass Jar from France Sold for $860 in China

A Beijing artist went home from his France visit with a glass jar filled with fresh air. Will you buy it for $860?

Priest Surprises Everyone With His Amazing Voice in a Wedding Ceremony [Video]

Just hours after of being published, a video showing a priest singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” with an incredible voice, went viral on social media.

What Would it Be Like to Attend Your Own Funeral?

Have you ever thought how will your funeral be and the shock your death will cause to your loved ones?

Twenty-Two Ways of Scaring Your Girlfriend [Video]

Aristotle Georgeson shared on his YouTube channel a compilation of different Vines of him scaring his girlfriend and making a TJ Miller spoof.
Barbie Real

There Is a New Real-Life Barbie From China: Is This Valeria Lukyanova’s Competition?

Latinos Post brings you a compilation of pictures posted by Yun Tang on her Facebook page. Who do you prefer Yun Tang or Valeria Lukyanova?

Four-Year-Old Kid Smoking Marihuana Goes Viral [Video]

Experts claimed that marihuana can affect a developing brain, so that’s the reason some people ask for a punishment for the responsible of these acts and a better home for this kid.
Venezuela's Maduro, Opposition to Talk,

Venezuela's Maduro, Opposition to Talk, Unrest Death Toll Hits 40

President Nicolas Maduro was due to host Venezuelan opposition leaders on Thursday at the start of mediated talks intended to stem two months of political unrest that has killed dozens in the OPEC nation.
Juan Manuel Santos

Colombia's Santos Would Think Twice About Killing FARC Leader

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos said he knows "more or less" where the Marxist FARC's leader is hiding but would think twice about attacking at this stage of peace talks with the rebel group, a change in tone from an earlier goal of capturing or killing him.

What a DJ Really Does While You’re Dancing [Video]

This two-minute video shows what a DJ really does while he is mixing. It looks like he is just pushing some buttons and using his computer, which makes people believe that their profession is very easy.
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