This Kid Says ‘Thank You’ in a Very Special Way [Video]

Check out this innocent boy trying to say “Thank You”, but instead he says something not that candid.

Birthday Surprise Prank: This Is Quite a Celebration! [Video]

Josh Paler Lin’s friends promised him that he would have the best birthday celebration ever. Would you like to celebrate your birthday like this?

The Best Mexican Vines: Choose Your Favorite!

Vine is very popular in both Mexico and Latin America and Latinos Post presents you the best clips posted on Vine

Worldwide Campaigns Against Bullying [Video]

Expecting to raise awareness and stop bullying from schools, Singapore’s Coalition shows this video as an example of how kids are suffering this situation.

“My First Time” Is The New Trend on Social Media [Video]

Check out these two kids with different reactions during their first experience at a car wash.

Skydiving With The World’s Smallest Parachute [Video]

With just a 35 square meter-long sheet as a parachute, making it the smallest parachute in the world, Gainza was able to land from a 14.000 feet jump without problems.

Cats do Love Water [Video]

The next video proves the opposite as this cat loved water since the moment he found out how it feels to be in touch with the vital liquid.

Best Summer & Spring Break Destinations 2014: TripAdvisor Reveals Top Destinations of the Year

We're thinking you must have already readied a list of destinations to go to for the summer. If you're still undecided, perhaps TripAdvisor's 6th annual Travelers' Choice award winners will help solve your spring break dilemma.
Two drug tunnels, with rail systems, found at U.S.-Mexico border

Two Drug Tunnels, With Rail Systems, Found at U.S.-Mexico Border

U.S. federal agents have uncovered two drug-smuggling tunnels underneath the U.S.-Mexico border, both surfacing in San Diego-area warehouses and equipped with rail systems for moving contraband, officials said on Friday
Mexico Says Catches Senior Knights Templar Drug Gang Boss

Mexican Ruling Party State Official Held on Suspicion of Gang Links

One of the top ruling party officials in the troubled Mexican state of Michoacan has been held for 40 days while he is investigated for possible links to criminal organizations, the attorney general's office said on Saturday.
Kate Middleton at Rotary Challenger Park

Kate Middleton Almost Flashed Her Undies in New Zealand

The Duchess of Cambridge has suffered from a wardrobe malfunction during this year’s Royal Tour.

Babies vs Lemon: The Hilarious Reaction to Citric [Video]

The next video shows the exact moment when a baby is tasting lemon for the first time, capturing the reaction in a slow motion camera.

Take a Look at The Touching Video of a Girl and Her Horse

Little girl Emma guides her “noble steed” with her sweet voice, and “Cinnamon” obeys her in everything she commands. Definitely, this is a touching video you can’t miss.

Willie, The Responsible Cat [Video]

See for yourself that cats can be both fun and conscientious:
Valeria Lukyanova

Human Barbie Speaks on Maternity: With Hints of Racism, Says She Prefers to be Tortured to Death Than Being a Mother

The "Human Barbie", Valeria Lukyanova, granted an interview with GQ in which she says that more than just being a doll, she is a spiritual person seeking to improve the human species, assuring that the lack of beauty in humanity stems from the mixing of races.
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