Ebola outbreak

Ebola Virus in USA: Dallas Patient 'Critical'; Could Spread Virus in State

The first Ebola virus patient in the US continues to fight for his life but has remained in critical condition, a top health official said.
Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un has Diabetes Because of Cheese, Chicken & Beer? [Rumors]

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un's absence from customary public duties in front of state media coverage for more than three weeks has sparked speculations from the public.
Ebola outbreak

Ebola Virus Outbreak Symptoms: 3,000 Dead; Burying Bodies a Big Problem

Ebola virus outbreak has caused thousands of deaths, and burial problems are arising.
Leg Prosthesis

Watch: Double Leg Amputee Climbs Mountain in China Using Arms

A 31-year-old legless man was able to scale a 2,000-meter mountain path and reach the peak in four hours.
Mount Ontake

Japan Volcano Erupted; 30 Dead, More Missing & Injured!

At least 31 people were presumed dead after Japan's Mount Ontake erupted without warning on September 27, Saturday, effectively trapping hundreds of hikers as the volcano spewed out clouds of rock and ash and toxic fumes.
James Foley and his executioner.

ISIS Beheading Suspect 'Jihadi John' Identified

A hunt for the masked man in the ISIS beheading videos has now yielded a positive identification of the previously unknown militant.
Kfredrian, Idlib province

ISIS News: Witness Reveals 'Severed Heads Displayed on Streets' in Syria [Watch Here]

Recently, some witnesses in Raqqa have been able to give the rest of the world a glimpse into life in the said city. Apparently, public crucifixions and decapitated heads are becoming common sights in the ISIS stronghold.
United States President Barack Obama speaks during the Climate Summit at United Nations headquarters in New York, September 23, 2014.

Obama Says Global Climate Deal Must Include Emerging Economies

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Tuesday a new global agreement on climate change must include strong commitments from emerging economies and move past the rich-poor country divide that has hampered progress in United Nations negotiations.
Jewish Holiday

Rosh Hashanah 2014: 5 Best Dishes for Jewish New Year Celebration

Expect a lot of sweet treats on the table during Rosh Hashana - here's to a good and sweet new year!
Ebola outbreak

Ebola Virus Outbreak: Is it the End of the World?

Ebola Virus may cause the end of the world if cure is not developed soon?
Typhoon Fung-Wong in the Philippines

Philippines Typhoon Fung-Wong (Mario) News Update, Affected Areas & Damages

Tropical Storm Fung-Wong, also called Mario in the Philippines, has already made landfall in the Southeast Asian country and is slowly moving on a northwesterly path. It has brought heavy rainfall, which caused much flooding in the areas affected by the storm.
A 'No' campaign placard and Union flag are seen outside a cottage on the Isle of North Uist, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, in this September 15, 2014 file photo.

Special Report: Scotland Stays in UK, But Britain Faces Change

When 3.6 million Scots voted on Thursday on whether to leave or stay within the United Kingdom, they were answering one simple question: Should Scotland be an independent country?
Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry

Prince Harry Cressida Bonas Back Together? Seen Together at Harry's Birthday [Rumors]

Love is sweeter the second time around with Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas.
700-Year-Old Skeletons

700-Year-Old Pair of Skeletons Found Holding Hands

There have been unusual archeological finds involving human remains, with some having wooden stakes driven into where the heart is supposed to be. However, a recent dig unearthed an uncommon, yet heartwarming, sight - a pair of centuries-old skeletons holding hands.
Scotland Independence

Scotland Independence Vote 2014: News Updates & Latest Poll Results

After over three centuries of union with the countries of the United Kingdom, Scotland is looking at the possibility of being an independent nation, as voters pack up polling stations to decide the fate of the country on Thursday.
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