Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Columbus, Ohio

Donald Trump Wants ‘Complete Ban of Muslims’ Entering US

Presidential candidate Donald Trump calls to ban all Muslims that entering American soil.
Hurricane Patricia Seen From Space

Hurricane Patricia Texas Forecast: Heavy Rains Expected; Flooding Risks Raised

Texas affected by "Back Door Storm" as Hurricane Patricia intensifies.
Mexican Chef Death Reveals Immigrants Abuse in U.S. Kitchens

Mexican Chef Death Reveals Immigrants Abuse in U.S. Kitchens

Mexican Chef Death Reveals Immigrants Abuse in U.S. Kitchens
José changed his name to 'Joe', that got him a Job

José changed his name to 'Joe', that got him a Job

José changed his name to 'Joe', that got him a Job
Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking News 2014: International Drug Trafficking Network Operated by Dominicans Dismantled in New York

A cocaine distribution network which presumably operated between New York City and Wappingers Falls in Dutchess County, New York, was dismantled thanks to a join operation between agents from the National Directorate of Drug Control (DNCD) of the Dominican Republic and the United States' Drug Enforcement Administration.

U.S. Immigrant Law, Processes News 2014: Texas Frees Hundreds of Immigrants due to Lack of Space in Detention Centers

The rise in the number of people illegally crossing the border between Mexico and the United States every day has caused immigration authorities in the United States to take unorthodox measures due to the lack of space in detention centers.

'Manhattanhenge' Steets, Hours, Pictures 2014: New York Ready for the First 'Manhattanhenge' of 2014

Thousands of New Yorkers and tourists from around the world are preparing today for the first "Manhattanhenge" of 2014, a phenomenon that happens twice a year, when the sunset is perfectly aligned with the streets of the city's downtown, creating a spectacular view at dusk.
Shavon Carrillo

Las Vegas Hispanic Mother Tells Her Son 'I Love You' Before Shooting Him in the Head

The dramatic story of Shavon Carrillo, a mother who said "I love you" to her 11-year- old son before pulling the trigger of a .22 caliber rifle and shooting him in the head, has shocked residents and authorities in Las Vegas, who are trying to understand the motives that led the woman to shoot her own son.
The Ledge

Chicago's Sears Tower's 1351 Ft. High Glass Balcony Breaks With Tourists Inside

One of the most important tourist attractions of Chicago's famous Sears Tower was temporarily closed, after the bottom of the popular glass balcony, The Ledge, one of the city's and the country's highest, broke in front of a family of visitors.

U.S. Restaurants Forbid Clients From Entering While Carrying Firearms [Video]

The massacre that happened last Friday, May 23 in Santa Barbara has brought back the controversial subject of firearms access in the United States; however, since three weeks ago, groups in favor of firearms possession have protested in restaurants in Dallas, Austin and Forth Worth, Texas, carrying firearms in plain daylight and in public places.
Santa Barbara Shooting

Isla Vista Santa Barbara Shooting Update: Santa Barbara Police Arrest an Isla Vista Student Who Discharged a Firearm

California is still grieving since last Friday when Elliot Rogers, a 22-year-old man, killed six people while he drove his black BMW through the streets of the university community of Isla Vista; however, on Tuesday, another incident related to firearms alarmed Santa Barbara once again.
Vice-President Joe Biden

Immigration Reform Law, News and Process 2014: Vice President Joe Biden Urges Republicans to Approve Immigration Law Stalled in the House

The Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, made a call on Tuesday to Republican leaders in the House of Representatives to approve a law project in immigration matters which has been stuck since 2013, before August.
California Forest Fire

California Forest Fires 2014: Fire Threatens Over 100 Homes in Mariposa County

An enormous fire unleashed in California continues to burn in its consecutive day, while firefighting teams fight to keep it under control.
North Dakota Tornado

North Dakota Tornado Update 2014: Tornado Destroys 15 Homes and Injures 8. Witness Captures Video of the Disaster

At least 15 mobile homes serving as permanent residences were completely destroyed and eight people were injured, after a powerful tornado touched down on the night of Monday close to Watford City in North Dakota.
Tainted Meat

Warning on Meat Tainted With E.coli in 10 States

At least 10 states have been alerted on the existence of ground beef which might be contaminated and sold in the nation's supermarkets.

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