Border Patrol

Border Patrol Ignores Abuse Reports Made Against Their Agents: Study

Most of the complaints that immigrants and American citizens present against the United States Border Patrol are not given any attention and haven't caused any sort of disciplinary action, revealed a report released on Tuesday.

Immigrants in the U.S. News: Anti-Immigrant Law in Nebraska Might be Emulated in Other States

On Monday, May 5, a controversial ruling of the United States Supreme Court in which it refused to revise the legal case against the city of Fremont, Nebraska, made it illegal to rent houses to undocumented immigrants, but specialists have said that this decision would allow other cities inside the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals to apply similar regulations.

Border Patrol Arrests 61 Immigrants in a Safe House in Texas

A group of 61 undocumented immigrants who were crammed into a safe house in the city of Mission, Texas, close to the border with Reynosa, Tamaulipas, were arrested by Border Patrol agents, local media reported.
Michelle Knight

Ariel Castro's Victims Who Were Kidnapped for 10 Years in Cleveland House Paid Homage [Video]

Two of the three woman who were freed on May, 2013 after spending over 10 years inside a Cleveland, Ohio house, were paid homage and honored on Tuesday in Washington, on the first anniversary since they managed to escape.

Florida Senate Approves the Use of Medicinal Marijuana Low in THC

The use of a marijuana strain low in THC (the main psychoactive ingredient of the drug) for medicinal and therapeutic uses was approved last Friday by the Florida Senate, local media reported.
Eva Longoria

Elections Latino Vote 2016 News: Eva Longoria Launches LVP Initiative to Promote Latino Candidates in the U.S.

On Monday, American actress of Mexican origins Eva Longoria launched an initiative with the purpose of promoting Hispanic candidates for the upcoming legislative elections in Novemeber.
Joe Biden

Immigration Reform 2014 News: Joe Biden Asks Boehner to Vote for Immigration Reform in the U.S.

Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States, used Cinco de Mayo to ask the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ohio republican John Boehner, to vote for an integral immigration reform which would benefit 11 million undocumented immigrants.
Highway 15

California Fire News: Bridge Collapse Causes the Closing of Highway 15 in Both Directions Until Further Notice [Video]

Highway 15 in Hesperia, will continue to be closed for at least two days after a bridge collapsed on Monday, which caused the highway to be closed in both directions.
California Air Show

Pilot Dies After His Plane Crashed During Air Show in California [Video]

A pilot died on Sunday, when his plane lost control and crashed in a remote area during an air show at the Travis Air Base, in Solano County, without their being any other victims, local media reported.

Ringling Bros Circus Accident Video: Failure in Ringling Bros Circus Platform Injures 11 Acrobats

At least 11 people were injured on Sunday, some of them seriously, when a platform suffered a mechanical failure mid-show during a presentation of the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus in Providence, Rhode Island, reported local media.

Immigration Reform 2014 News: US Supreme Court Rejects to Analyze Case Against Undocumented Immigrants in Nebraska

The Supreme Court of the United States refused to modify a law which bans renting homes to undocumented immigrants in the city of Fremont, Nebraska, shutting their ears to the appeals presented by civil rights groups in favor of illegal immigrants.
Jared Leto

Immigration Reform 2014 News: Application to Take 'Selfies' in Favor of Immigration Reform in the U.S. Developed

A new proposal developed by the organization has managed to get celebrities to act in favor of immigration Reform in the United States.

Strong Rains Cause Entire Block to Collapse in Baltimore [Video]

An entire block in the city of Baltimore, USA, collapsed on Wednesday due to strong rains which have fallen in recent days, without there being any fatal victims reported, local media said.
Police Tape

Number of Hispanics Murdered in the U.S. Doubles that of the White Population: Study

The number of Latino victims of homicide is double that of Caucasians, and most of these murders are related to firearms, a study published on Thursday revealed.
Adam Silver

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life After Racist Statements [Video]

In a historical ruling, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced on Tuesday the lifelong ban of the Los Angeles Clippers' owner, billionaire Donald Sterling, after the scandal he was involved in after he made racist comments, leaked by TMZ.

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