Former Glendale Mayor Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Embezzling $300,000: Report

John Drayman, the former mayor of the city of Glendale, California, has been sentenced to a year in prison after being found guilty of embezzling over $300,000 at a Montrose farmer's market.
Immigration Reform 2014

Immigration Reform 2014: Ohio Police Chief Defends Undocumented Immigrants

Without a doubt these are difficult times for undocumented immigrants living in the United States.
Subway Rat

Rat Terrorizes Subway Passengers in New York [Video]

The boring ride of subway users in New York City suffered an unexpected change on the morning of Monday when a small stowaway jumped onto an MTA car in Fulton Street before it closed its doors, and rode on one of the longest stations of its route.
John Boehner

U.S. Senate and House of Representatives Clash Over Extension to Unemployment Benefits

Democrats in the Senate and Republicans in the House of Representatives clashed once more, this time regarding a law project which seeks to reestablish unemployment benefits which have expired for 2.4 million American who have been unemployed for the last six months.

Hispanic Teenagers Are the Group With the Most Teenage Pregnancies in the U.S.: Report

Despite that in recent years the number of teenage mothers between 15 and 17 years of age has been reduced in the U.S., a new report revealed that Latina teenagers are still the group with the biggest number of pregnancies.
President Barack Obama

Barack Obama's Aunt Who Illegally Lived in the U.S. Dies of Cancer

Zeituni Onyango, aunt of President Barack Obama, who was denied asylum in the US and resorted to illegally living in the country for years, died on Tuesday, a victim of cancer.

Two-Year-Old Twins Lose Their Lives in Pool at Deerfield Beach [Video]

Two-year-old twins lost their lives on Tuesday night when they accidentally fell into a pool in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Two Students Arrested After Fighting Teacher in Santa Mónica [Video]

On Monday, April 7, California police requested to present charges against two students involved in a fight with a high school teacher in Santa Mónica, local media reported.
Trust Act

Immigration Reform 2014: California Reduces the Number of Deportations Thanks to the 'Trust Act'

The number of deportations in California has been drastically reduced at a time when the national number of deportations in the U.S. has reached a historical record, according to a recent poll.
Leland Yee

Leland Yee Arrest Update: Corruption and Arms Trafficking Charges Presented Against California Senator Lelan Yee

Known California democrat legislator Leland Yee was indicted along with 28 others for various crimes, including corruptions and conspiring to traffic in firearms, local authorities reported.
President Barack Obama

Immigration Reform 2014: Obama Administration has Deportations Record, Official Figures Confirm

The record number of deportations that the Obama administration has reached in recent years has earned the President numerous criticisms, who was thought to be one of the main promoters of long awaited immigration reform, which is still stuck in the House of Representatives.
Demián Bichir

Demián Bichir is Named Ambassador of Immigrant Rights in the U.S.

Demián Bichir, one of the most successful Mexican actors in recent times, was named Ambassador for Immigrant Rights in the U.S. by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), local media reported.
David Letterman

David Letterman Announces His Retirement After 32 Years of Hosting 'The Late Show' [Video]

David Letterman, one of the most successful TV hosts of all time and an American TV icon, announced on Thursday that he would retire in 2015 as the host of "The Late Show", which he hosted for 32 years.
Police Tape

Florida Doorman Who Confused Body of a Dead Woman With Mannequin Fired

The doorman of a building in the city of St. Petersburg, in Florida's east coast, was fired after confusing the body of a 96-year-old neighbor with a mannequin, local media reported.

Obamacare Reaches Its Target With Over 7 Million Registrations [Video]

A few hours before the deadline to register for the new system of Affordable Health Care, better known as "Obamacare", the White House announced that more than 7.1 million people have registered for the new insurance.

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