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The Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, made a call on Tuesday to Republican leaders in the House of Representatives to approve a law project in immigration matters which has been stuck since 2013, before August.

In the company of Senator Mark Udall and Denver's Mayor, Michael Hancock and dozens of people, most of them Latinos, gathered in a Denver coffeehouse, Biden said that the project must continue, leaving aside divisions and urging Republicans to retake the subject and reach an agreement in the second semester of the year, according to The Republic.

The Vice President said that Republicans have been uncompromising in the management of the immigration reform approved by the Senate, assuring that they have the opportunity to advance the project to achieve a vote and approval before the midterm elections.

Likewise, Biden highlighted the efforts of the Administration in immigration reform matters, underlining that "it's time to act", and urged Democrats to continue pressuring Republican leaders, clinging to the notion of stopping the process which would allow eleven million undocumented immigrants to aspire to an American citizenship, reported Univisión.

Biden also read a statement from defenders of immigrant rights asking President Barack Obama to take actions against deportations. The human rights groups have launched strong criticism against the Obama administration which has achieved the highest number of deportations in history under the legal guidelines approved during George W. Bush' administration.

Eric Cantor, leader of the Majority in the House of Representatives is the latest target of immigration activists who are frustrated by the lack of action from the House of Representatives regarding the immigration reform law project approved by the Senate in 2013.

Cantor is one of the main Republican legislators blamed for the failures of the House of Representatives to approve an integral immigration reform, which had already been approved by the Senate last June. The law project provides a path towards citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the country, along with strengthening border security.

"Eric Cantor is the No. 1 man standing between the American people and immigration reform," said Fran Sharry, executive director of America's Voice, a pro-immigrant group, according to The Associated Press.

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