Immigration Protest

Immigration Reform News 2014: Republicans Block Immigration Reform in Congress Once Again

With little over two months of work before the "4th of July" recess, the U.S. House of Representatives, dominated by Republicans, provided a harsh counter against Democrats by rejecting an amendment which pretended to bring back the debate on immigration reform on Wednesday.
Fort Hood Shooting

Shooting in Fort Hood Military Base in Texas Leaves Four Dead and 16 Injured [Video]

Four people dead, among them the shooter, and 16 injured is the preliminary outcome of a shooting which happened yesterday at the Fort Hood military base in Texas, authorities reported.
High Roller

Las Vegas Inaugurates the World's Tallest Ferris Wheel [Video]

With 550 ft. of height and 28 gondolas, the High Roller, the tallest Ferris wheel ever created, was officially inaugurated on Monday in Las Vegas, for the enjoyment of the thousands of visitors to the city of neon lights and casinos.
Ana Trujillo

Houston Woman Trial: Trial Begins Against Woman Who Murdered Her Boyfriend by Stabbing Him With Her Shoe

On Monday, March 31, the trial against a woman accused of murdering her boyfriend by stabbing him in the face with her stilettos at least 25 time last June began in Houston, local media reported.

Latinos in U.S. News: Four Undocumented Immigrants Dead and Three Injured After Car Crashes in the Mojave Desert

Four undocumented immigrants lost their lives and three other were injured on Sunday in a car accident on Highway 40 on the Mojave Desert, local media reported.
Death Penalty

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Appeal to Stop Execution of Mexican National in Texas

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected on Monday an appeal made by the lawyers of Ramiro Hernández Llanes, a Mexican national that will be executed in Texas on April 9.
President Barack Obama

14-Year-Old Boy Tells President Obama How to Save $400 Million of Ink

A 14-year-old talented student has reached the conclusion that the U.S. government could save almost $400 million dollars annually with the simple action of changing the type of font used in official documents.
Jersey Vargas

Immigration Reform News 2014: Jersey Vargas Meets With Her Father After Meeting With the Pope

Jersey Vargas, a 10-year-old Mexican girl who traveled to Rome to ask Pope Francis to ask President Obama to stop the deportations from the United States, returned home to find a huge surprise.

Kansas Police Officer Receives Awards for Saving Two Girls From Being Drowned by Their Mother

A police officer of Kansas City received a public award last Thursday, March 27 for his extraordinary actions by saving two small girls who were being drowned by their own mother.
Police Tape

86-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide After Shooting Grandson and His Girlfriend in New York

An 86-year-old man took his life after shooting his grandson and his grandson's girlfriend in Staten Island, New York, local authorities reported.
Washington Landslide

Washington Landslide News Update: Rescue Crews Face Toxic Gases in the Area 9 Days After the Tragedy

Nine days after a landslide destroyed the rural community of Oso in Washington, rescue teams continue to search for survivors in the 1.6 square kilometers along state route 530 which were affected.
Boston Fire

Firemen Lose Their Lives During a Fire in Boston [Video]

Two firemen lost their lives on Wednesday as they attempted to put out a fire in a residence in Back Bay, Boston, while 18 other people were injured, local media reported.
Washington Landslide

Washington Landslide Update: Number of Deaths Rises to 25. Authorities Believe Some Victims Will Never be Found

After first estimates spoke of at least 170 people missing after the landslides on Saturday in a rural community near Oso, Washington authorities reduced the number to 90 and 35 they're not sure were at the place when the incident happened, while the number of fatal victims has gone up to 25.
Elvira Arellano

Immigration Reform News 2014: Elvira Arellano Leads First Protest Against Deportations in Chicago

Mexican activist Elvira Arellano, who returned to the United States last Wednesday, March 19 thanks to a humanitarian visa, led her first protest against deportations in Chicago on Thursday, March 27
Undocumented Immigrant

Border Patrol Rescues Undocumented Immigrant Who Was Abandoned in an Arizona Well

US Border Patrol agents managed to rescue various illegal immigrants last weekend who had been abandoned by drug trafficking gangs in Arizona, local media reported.

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