@HiddenCash: Anonymous Millionaire Hides Money in Envelopes and Leaves Clues on Twitter

If you're a resident or plan to visit San Francisco, then this information could make you very happy.
Jeralean Talley

The Oldest Woman in the U.S. Celebrates Her 115th Birthday

Jeralean Talley, a Detroit woman and considered to be the oldest American, celebrated her 115th birthday on Friday in the company of family and friends in the community of Inkster, reported local media.
John All

Mountaineer Falls Into a 70-Foot Deep Crevasse and Asks for Help on Facebook [Video]

An American mountaineer and scientist survived a terrible fall into a 70-foot deep crevasse while he climbed a glacier in the Himalayas, since he managed to record everything in a video he uploaded to popular social network Facebook to ask for help.
US Airways

Strong Hail Breaks the Windshield of a Plane in Philadelphia

A passenger plane from US Airways was damaged after going through a hail storm as it tried to land in Philadelphia's airport on Thursday, local media reported.
Arizona Narcotunnel

Drugs in Mexico News: Border Patrol Seals a 'Narcotunnel' Found Earlier this Year in Arizona

The United States Border Patrol closed on Thursday one of the tunnels found earlier this year in Nogales, Arizona, tunnels which had been used to smuggle drugs and weapons between Mexico and the United States.
Gregg Jarrett

Gregg Jarrett Arrested: Fox News Anchor Arrested In Minneapolis

Fox News Anchor Gregg Jarrett was arrested on Wednesday at a bar in the Minneapolis Airport for inappropriate conduct and driving under the influence, local media reported.
Isidro García

Young Latina Kidnapped for 10 Years in California Is Rescued After Contacting Her Sister on Facebook [Video]

A 41-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday in southern California, accused of kidnapping and abusing a minor for 10 years, after the girl was able to contact her sister through Facebook.
Denver Tornadoes

Spring Storm 2014: Eight Tornadoes Hit Denver [Video]

At least eight tornadoes, part of a powerful storm system, touched ground on Wednesday in the Denver metropolitan area, reported the United States National Weather System.
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Boston Bombing Suspect Accepted His Participation in the Attack: Prosecutors

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the alleged coauthor of the Boston bombings, admitted to participating in the attack during an interrogation in the hospital a day after his arrest, United States prosecutors revealed in a joint statement on Wednesday.

#DreamArmy: Dreamers Want Reform which would Allow Them to Join the U.S. Army

Democrat Representative for Texas Joaquín Castro is promoting a measure that would allow the United States Army to admit young "Dreamers" who wish to join the Armed Forces, and has already received support from other Republican Representatives, local media reported.
Statue of Liberty

Global Warming Risks 2014: Rise in Sea Levels Threatens the Statue of Liberty and Other U.S. Monuments

The rising of sea levels as a consequence of global warming has put many U.S historical monuments in danger, some of them truly emblematic such as the Statue of Liberty and the Kennedy Space Center, warned a report made by experts, made public on Tuesday.
Hillary Clinton

Presidential Elections 2016: Hillary Clinton and Julián Castro Together in 2016?

The electoral campaigns for the presidential elections in 2016 still seem far off; however, off the record, many specialists are already pointing out the first political unions and the lists of potential aspiring candidates.
Michael Jace

'The Shield' Actor Michael Jace Arrested Over the Death of His Wife in Hyde Park [Video]

American actor Michael Jace, better known for his role as one of the policemen in the TV show "The Shield" was arrested on Monday night, suspected of murdering his wife by shooting her.

Immigration Reform 2014: Republicans Block Immigration Initiative in California

Voting on a law project to modify the immigration law which would be discussed this week received a strong blow on Friday, when Republican leaders intervened to prevent the voting from taking place.

Texas Woman Finds Three-Meter-Long Python in Toilet [Video]

A California woman had a huge scare when she found an enormous python snake curled up in the toilet in her College Station, Texas home.

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