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(Photo: NY Attorney General Office)

A cocaine distribution network which presumably operated between New York City and Wappingers Falls in Dutchess County, New York, was dismantled thanks to a join operation between agents from the National Directorate of Drug Control (DNCD) of the Dominican Republic and the United States' Drug Enforcement Administration.

According to  The Daily News, the drug trafficking network was dedicated to selling synthetic drugs and other illegal substances in New York City. Besides selling narcotics, the network would blackmail its clients through a clandestine call center, where they would act as members of American anti-drug authorities.

New York's Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, told the media that Robert García, his wife Adalgisa Hernández (both Dominican citizens) and six other people were put in custody for charges related to drugs.

New York authorities reported that García and Hernández had an apartment on Wadsworth Ave., in Washington Heights, two blocks away from the George Washington Bridge. Furthermore, they rented many apartments in a building on St. Nicholas Ave., where they hid many bags filled with cocaine. The place also worked as a point of sale for drugs, authorities reported, according to The Daily News.

According to court documents the quoted source had access to, most of the drugs found had been hidden in a trapdoor in the kitchen of one of the apartments.

Schneiderman said that the money obtained from the drug operation was laundered in the Dominican Republic. Likewise, he detailed that most of those arrested are ex convicts who have completed sentences in United States prisons for crimes related to drug trafficking.

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