By Jorge Calvillo ( | First Posted: May 30, 2014 02:39 AM EDT

(Photo: Reuters)

California is still grieving since last Friday when Elliot Rogers, a 22-year old man, killed six people while he drove his black BMW through the streets of the university community of Isla Vista; however, on Tuesday, another incident related to firearms alarmed Santa Barbara once again.

Kevin Tym, a 21-year-old student from the University of California in Santa Barbara was arrested on Tuesday by the police and put in County Jail for allegedly discharging a firearm inside his house.

According to Reuters, the incident was reported by Tym's neighbor, who called the police went a bullet went through the wall of the shared apartment on block 6500 of Pardall Road in Isla Vista.

Police investigations revealed that the bullet entered the apartment through a wall shared with his neighbor, and then it ricocheted off a TV platform and stopped in another wall. Police officers said that the bullet could have injured the resident who reported the fact.

According to The Daily News, in Kevin Tym's apartment, the police found many high capacity assault rifle magazines, seven firearms bought legally and over 1,000 rounds.

Since the tragedy on Friday night, Isla Vista police has been on alert on events related to firearms in the community, and the incident on Tuesday was taken seriously.

Tym told the police officers that he was playing with a Glock 17 pistol when he accidentally discharged the firearm. The 9mm bullet lodged inside the neighbors home and fortunately didn't injure anyone, according to The Daily News.

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