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Grand Theft Auto 5 has many different ways for players to earn money, but one of the best tricks for earning millions in the game is to play the in-game stock market. While the stock market in the game can be complicated, there are several different ways players can manipulate the market.

One of the easiest ways to gain huge windfalls in the game's stock market is to use the assassination missions Franklin can perform to the player's advantage. Before performing the missions, players should invest in the competitor company before the hit. For example, before the very first assassin mission players should buy as much stock as they can in Betta Pharmaceuticals. When players complete the mission, in five to 10 minutes the rival stock's price will skyrocket, and players can sell the stock for much more than it was worth before. If a player uses this strategy with all three playable characters before the hit they could receive millions in profit for their efforts.

Lester will usually inform players what company they should invest in before the hit, so it is important to pay attention to the cutscene and quickly invest in the rival stock with the in-game smartphone before undertaking the mission.

For those looking to just make some extra cash in the stock market without performing the assassination missions, players can pay attention to patterns in the price of stocks. Much like in the real world, stocks in Grand Theft Auto 5 follow a pattern that users can exploit. Users can watch stocks they want to invest in to see when the stock's price dips and when the stocks reach a high price. By paying attention to the dips and rises users can buy low and sell high to earn thousands.

If players want to be more direct in their influence of the stock market in the game, they can invest in one company's stock and then do their best to damage their rival's value. For example, if players decide to buy stocks in Pisswasser beer, they can increase the value of the stock by doing as much damage as they can to corporate rival Logger so that that company's value drops and the Pisswasser stock rises.

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