Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2016

Want a Massage? This Jacket is All You Need

A new jacket made by Singapore startup Tware can give you a massage anywhere you are.
World's First Press Conference With Only Humanoids And Robots In Tokyo

Meet Nadine, the Human-Like Robot Receptionist

Nanyang Tech has a new receptionist and she looks too human for most people's expectations.
World Robot Exhibition 2015 In Beijing

Elon Musk, Silicon Valley Rallying Against Robot Domination

Silicon Valley personalities have begun a well-funded movement against Artificial Intelligence,
Concept photo of the Aquila ! in action

Facebook & Google: Taking the Internet to New Heights

Facebook's Aquila 1 drone and Google's Project Balloon aim to bring Internet connection to the rest of the world that doesn't have it.
TOYOTA Signs Up As Olympic TOP Sponsor

Toyota Puts $1 Billion on Artificial Intelligence Project

Toyota announced its $1 Billion investment in a Silicon Valley company to develop AI and robotics.
MIT Campus

MIT Data System Machine Beats Human Intuition

Machine developed by MIT researcher may possibly replace human intuition.
Google Updates Its Logo

Goodbye, Google? Welcome, Alphabet!

After Friday, Google will officially trade its stocks under parent company, "Alphabet."
Aerial Shot of BigDelta

World's Largest 3D Printer Constructs Dirt Cheap Homes, Makes Debut in Italy

There may just be a cheap and very sustainable way to make homes for everyone, including the homeless and it involves a lot of mud.
Apple Debuts New Watch

Apple Making a Driverless Car? Details Here!

Apple might be working already on their self-driving car and a recent report has proof to back up the claim.

First Device to Run a Deca-Core CPU Out Soon

Tawianese Chipmaker MediaTek to Release Deca-Core Device
Set of flat line vector foursquare icons for international cuisine restaurant menu, food and drink: cooked meal, vegetarian, desserts, meat, fish, soup, fastfood, appetizers, soft, hot, alcohol drinks

The Mayoral Crown Returns: Swarm Gives Mayor Titling Back

You have been asking and they are finally back! Starting today, with the latest Swarm app update, you can earn mayoral titles again.

Facebook Introduces an Artificial Intelligence Lab in Paris

Facebook introduces an artificial intelligence lab in Paris with a new AI research team.
MacBook Air

Apple to Deliver 'Killer' Mac Line with MacBook Air Retina [Rumors]

Speculations are now rife that Apple's upcoming laptop line, the MacBook Air Retina will usher a 'killer' Mac line that would change the company's computer line as well for the better.
Nintendo Kids Corner Event At E3 2014

Nintendo Giving Sony & Microsoft a Run for Gamers' Money this Holiday

Nintendo is back in the video gaming picture with the recent release of two new gaming consoles, the "Super Smash Bros" on Wii U, and Amiibo figurines. The Japanese video game company is intent on giving Sony and Microsoft a run for the gamers' money this coming holiday season.

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