Nokia Lumia 1030 vs iPhone 6; Microsoft Phone Winning?

Previously, it was rumored that Microsoft was quietly killing Nokia McLaren, which is also known as the Nokia Lumia 1030.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Pro 3 [Rumors]

Barely 6 months after the official release of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, rumors of its next version have started swirling around cybersphere lately.

Black Friday 2014: Xbox Live with Gold Subscribers Get Up to 75% Off on Select Games

Black Friday is so close you can actually smell it past the turkey Thanksgiving dinner. Now is the time to get you some great deals, be they games or gadgets.

Xbox Live with Gold December Free Games: Xbox One to Get ‘Worm Battlegrounds’

Microsoft has finally announced which games Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be getting this December for free. It's time to find out whether your bets were on the money.

Nintendo Giving Sony & Microsoft a Run for Gamers' Money this Holiday

Nintendo is back in the video gaming picture with the recent release of two new gaming consoles, the "Super Smash Bros" on Wii U, and Amiibo figurines. The Japanese video game company is intent on giving Sony and Microsoft a run for the gamers' money this coming holiday season.

Microsoft Disses Apple's Digital Assistant Siri in New Ad

Microsoft has again unveiled a video advertisement criticizing Apple's Siri.

Xbox Live with Gold Free Games: 'Tomb Raider' on Sale This Week

Microsoft has rolled out its deals for Xbox Live with Gold, with the list including a pile of "Tomb Raider" games at discounted prices.

Outage Downs Windows Store Anew: Is Microsoft Doing Performance Upgrade?

Some users have experienced difficulties accessing the Windows Store on Thursday.

Xbox Live with Gold December Free Games: 'Ryse: Son of Rome' or 'Dead Rising 3' for This Month?

It's been said that things are going to get exciting this holiday season as game makers are expected to give some of their best offerings on such occasions.

Nokia N1 Tablet Marks Return of Finnish Company to Mobile Devices

Barely a year after it sold its devices business to Microsoft, Nokia on Tuesday unveiled a new tablet which will be available to market next year.

Microsoft Lumia 535 Ends Nokia Era

With the unveiling of the Lumia 535, Microsoft has just ended the Nokia era in smartphones. All smartphone devices it will be manufacturing henceforth shall carry the Microsoft brand as the Windows giant do away with the Finnish brand.

Xbox One Update November: 5 Features Revealed

The Xbox One November system update has started introducing new features to all consoles.

Black Friday 2014 Deals: PS4 for $275

Sony is not budging on the $50 price drop of Microsoft's Xbox One. But some retailers have PS4 deals that go as low as $275 for a brand new console and $265 for a slightly use unit. Come Black Friday however, the PS4 is expected to drop by $50 to $60.

Free Microsoft Office for iOS & Android: Download Here

The Microsoft Office Suite will now be offered free to all mobile users, the company announced Thursday.
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