Windows 10

5 Fun Features of the New Microsoft OS Windows 10

Microsoft purposely skipped numbers in naming the next version of their operating system to represent the great leaps they have made in the latest offering.
Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Release Date & News: Features, Pricing & Download Info

Microsoft skips the Windows 9 moniker and launches directly into Window 10.
Bill Gates

10 Richest People in America 2014: Mark Zuckerberg Beats Bill Gates? Not Really.

A peek into the wealth ranking of the richest Americans
XBox One

Free Game with Xbox One Promo Starts; Destiny, Madden NFL 15, Watch Dogs & More!

Microsoft currently has a one-week promo for customers to switch to the next-generation XBox One consoles. If you'll purchase the hardware, you'll get a physical disc game for free.
Windows 8.1 Start Screen

Windows 9 Release Date on September 30; Features Not Different from Windows 8?

Back in January this year, it was reported that Windows 9 will be expected to arrive in April 2015, which is less than a year from now.
MacBook vs Surface

Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air 2014: Which is Better?

Microsoft has been dissing its main competition for who knows how long, but just when you thought it's done bashing Apple's iPad and iPad mini tablets, it recently released more ads attacking the company that made Steve Job famous.

Windows 9 New Start Menu 'Leaked' Online

Another screenshot image reportedly showed the settings menu of Windows Modern, also known as Metro, "running within a window on the desktop." This implies that the new feature will enable users to minimize the Modern experience.
Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air - Which is Better?

Microsoft's latest offering has been drawing positive responses, putting the tech company in the buying public's favors once more - or at least until the next industrial misstep comes along. But is it better than Apple's MacBook Air?
Halo 5 Concept Art

E3 2014 Games & News: 'Resident Evil 7' for PS4 & 'Halo Master Chief Collection' for Xbox One to be Announced at Expo

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 will begin this June 10, and the console giants are getting their new games ready for this year's event.
Internet Explorer logo

US Warns Internet Explorer Users of Zero-day Threat; How Bad is the Bug?

The US government has released an advisory against one of the most famous web browsers known to mankind.
Minecraft House

'Minecraft' Xbox One Version Confirmed to Allow Save Transfers from Xbox 360 Version

Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer has confirmed that saves can be transferred from the title’s Xbox 360 to the current-gen version.
Stephen Elop

Microsoft Acquires Nokia; Is Elop Still Chief Executive?

Microsoft has successfully bought out one of the first popular cell phone-maker across the globe.
Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Bought Oculus VR After Asking for Project Morpheus Tech Demo

It has been revealed that the social media tycoon actually tried out Sony’s Project Morpheus a week before he acquired the Oculus VR.
Xbox One

Best Buy Limited Offer Releases Xbox One for $400

Xbox 360 and PS3 game console owners can get Microsoft’s latest game box at $100 off the standard price.
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