Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi

iPhone 6 Release Date Delayed? Screen Specs Not Enough for Demand

Due to Apple's meticulous screen preferences for the iPhone 6, suppliers are now rushing to meet targets to avoid delays or limitation of initial releases.
Apple Inc.

What to Expect From Apple's September Keynote Event?

Apple will be holding a media event in September, as it usually does on a yearly basis, and it's been rumored that the much anticipated iPhone 6 will be launched on that same occasion.
Apple vs Samsung

Apple vs Samsung: No More Fighting as Techs Drop Lawsuits Outside US

Apple and Samsung, the biggest smartphone developers in the market, have reached an unexpected settlement on patent lawsuits outside the U.S.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Retina Scanner Hinted in New Twitter Teaser

The highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might feature a retina scanner as well as a UV sensor to set it apart from competitors.
iPhone in Pocket

Hack-Proof Apple iPhone Revealed [Watch Video]

You've seen and read all those "how to protect your smartphone" tips and have done what you could to keep your iPhone from being infiltrated by digital intruders. However, it cannot be denied that some of the best tips yet may come from the hackers themselves.
Apple iPhone 5s

Videos Show iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Effective; Public Release Unlikely

When the iOS 7.1.1 update was launched, jailbreak attempts have proved to be unsuccessful. Until a couple of days ago.

Amazon Smartphone 2014 Release Date Coming Soon [Rumors]

Amazon is reportedly set to release its version of smartphone in the market this year. While there have been no specific dates on the phone's debut, analysts and bloggers predict that the smartphone is due in the coming months.
iOS 7.1.1 download update

Latest iOS 7 Update Fixes Bugs, Keyboard and TouchID Problems

Apple only has good news to offer along with the release of their latest iOS 7.1.1 download update and that is offering several fixes on various keyboard and TouchID problems.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept photo

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Launch with a 'New Form Factor' Says Samsung

Samsung seems to be aiming to improve the form of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, a move that may improve their sales as they learn to cope with the slowing market growth of high end smartphones.
Apple Logo

Top 5 Reasons Why Apple Might Release a Bigger & Cheaper iPhone 6

The tech giant has been rumored to release a bigger and cheaper next generation iPhone. Here are a few reasons why Apple might just do so.
WWDC 2014

Apple iOS 8 Release Date Set for June 2

The Apple iOS 8 is most likely to arrive this June, same day as when Apple will begin their annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

iPhone 6 Screen Production to Begin this May

Apple has been under “increasing pressure” to innovate the gadget industry, as what the company has done in the past during Steve Jobs' tenure.
iPhone 6 mock-up

Leaked iPhone 6 Photos Show Oddly Protruding Camera?

Newly leaked photos of the next generation iPhone show that the device might be coming with an iPod Touch-like camera.
Apple iPhone

You think you know your iPhone fairly well? Here are a few tips and tricks you need to know

So you think you know your iPhone that well? Throughout its various iterations, the iPhone pretty much operates in the same way. However, each iOS update and new model release brings in new shortcuts and tricks that can make your mobile life easier and faster.
ios on gamepop

Final Fantasy 6 iOS Release Date; What to Expect From the Iconic Video Game

Every true-blue RPG fan would have been hooked on a Final Fantasy game at one point or another. To many, the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy series is viewed as the mother of all RPGs and with good reason.
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