CalTech Astronomers Discover the Farthest Galaxy Yet

Scientists reportedly found the farthest galaxy yet, and they say it is over 13 billion years old.
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Windows 10 400 - Practice

Toyota Self-Driving Cars Coming?

Toyota collaborates with Stanford and MIT on artificial intelligence research efforts.
New Horizons Nears July 14 Flyby Of Pluto

Alien Life on Pluto? Is This for Real?

Pluto could possibly be host to extraterrestrial life.
NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Sends back Pictures Of Vesta Asteroid

Check Out the Sharpest Images of Dwarf Planet Ceres Here! [PHOTOS]

NASA's Dawn sends back high definition photos of dwarf planet Ceres.
Searching for alien life in Mars photos

Did NASA just prove aliens exist? Some believe new Curiosity pictures show signs of life

A new batch of conspiracy theories come after new Curiosity rover pictures feature images mirroring an iguana and a crashed spaceship.
Biggest Supermoon Of 2014 Lights Up The Sky

'Supermoon': Where, When & How to Watch It [PHOTOS]

The first of the three Supermoons this year will appear on the night of August 29.
Mars surface

Mars Simulation Project Begins

A Mars simulation project recently started, involving six people who will be living inside a dome for a whole year.
A glass of water

No, Drinking Water Will Not Prevent Or Cure Your Hangover, Says Study

Drinking water after consuming a lot of alcohol will not help people’s hangover the following day.
Leocothoe eltoni was named after Mr. Elton John.

Newly Discovered Sea Creature Named After Singer Elton John

A newly discovered crustacean has been named after Sir Elton John, which is called Leocothoe eltoni.

Butterfly in Space: Check Out What Hubble Telescope Captured Here! [VIDEOS]

Hubble captures the magnificent Planetary Nebula M2-9 morphing into a Cosmic Butterfly.
Visitors to the U.S. Botanic Garden view the large rainforest plant known as Titan Arum, or 'corpse flower'

Smelly Corpse Flower Blooming in Chicago This Week

The beautiful rainforest flower which stands six feet tall and emits a bad odor.
Barrels of Jim Beam Bourbon wait to be drained at the Jim Beam Bourbon Distillery on January 13, 2014 in Clermont, Kentucky.

Japan Sends Liquor Into Space! Here's Why

Suntory Whiskey sent the hotel minibar contents to the space outpost as part of an experiment to determine how various kinds of alcohol respond in a microgravity environment.
A woman walks by a sign advertising sugary drinks

Obesity Cure Finally Found? Harvard & MIT Reveal New Metabolism Control Pathway

Scientists may have finally found the cure to obesity.

Rack of Human Skulls of Sacrificial Victims Unearthed at Aztec Temple in Mexico

Scientists announced on Thursday that a massive rack of sacrificial human skulls has been excavated at the Templo Mayor ruin site in Mexico City. The trophy rack or "tzompantli" is where severed heads of the Aztecs' human sacrifices are displayed.

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