Doctors Discover Chemical That Can Reverse Cataracts

People suffering from cataracts have more chances of avoiding blindness now.
Complete Stegosaurus Fossil Unveiled At Natural History Museum

Massive Raptor Fossil Found in South Dakota [Photos]

A new massive raptor fossil was unearthed in Northwestern South Dakota on Monday.

Designer Immune Cells Clear Baby's Leukemia

The miracle cure for leukemia just saved a life and doctors are hoping that it would save more in the future.

Artificial Nose 'Smells' When Food is About to Spoil

Computer "noses" can now detect spoilage behind foods' attractive and fresh looks.
Research Into Cancer Conducted At The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Colombian Man Dies Due to 'Tapeworm Tumors': Here's What Really Happened

A Colombian man, who was infected with a tapeworm, developed cancerous cells from the parasite and died, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
U.S. Navy Missile Intercepts Target

Hawaii 'Super Strypi' Rocket Explodes During Takeoff

A Hawaii rocket called the “Super Strypi” exploded Tuesday following takeoff. The failure reportedly destroyed the University of Hawaii’s 122-pound (55 kg) Earth observation research satellite called “HiakaSat,” as well as 12 CubeSats, which are shoebox-sized experimental satellites.
NASA astronaut

NASA Looking For New Astronauts

According to the space agency, it will start accepting applications on Dec. 14, 2015 until mid-February 2016.
A Diamond

Diamonds May Not be Rare: Here's Why

Diamonds are rare – A common thought now being challenged by a recent Johns Hopkins University study. However, the study’s researchers say that this does not constitute cheaper engagement rings in the near future, according to EurekaAlert!
Vanilla ice cream: Moshe Kai at TEDxLaJolla

He's Only 17 But He Already Works For NASA: Meet Moshe Kai Cavalin

Moshe Kai Cavalin has been a newsmaker since he was just 11, which was when he graduated from community college. And now, the very promising teener has landed in news headlines once more.

West Antarctic Melting Could Raise Seas by 3 Meters, Scientists Warn

If the Amundsen Sea Sector is destabilized, the whole marine part of West Antarctica will be released into the ocean
Greenland Due To Global Warming The Ice Cap In The Past 5 Years Has Shrunk

Global Warming 2015: What Can We Do About It?

A report released by the United Nations Friday revealed that that the plan of 150 countries to simply cut their carbon emissions will not suffice in keeping global warming at bay. The question now is what else can be done to save the planet.
Body Map

Where Do People Like to be Touched? Check Out This Body Map!

Do people like being touched on the shoulder more than the arm?

Ancient Baby Remains to Reveal Mystery Of North American Migration?

Two ancient baby remains unearthed in Alaska may finally reveal the answer to the mystery of how North Americans migrated. The infant bones were buried 11,500 years ago and they were found to have different mothers, with a massive gap in their genomes.
'Worlds, Galaxies, And Universes: Live Action At The Walt Disney Studios' Presentation At Disney's D23 EXPO 2015

‘Star Wars' Tractor Beam Real

Scientists recently created a sonic “tractor beam” that has the ability to push, pull and pirouette objects that float in air.
Shark jaws

Enormous Teeth Washed Ashore in North Carolina Came From a 60-Foot Prehistoric Shark

The shark teeth found in North Topsail Beach and Surf City, North Carolina, was reportedly from a megalodon

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