Rare Planetary Alignment Seen In Australian Sky

Watch Jupiter, Venus & Mars Form a Cosmic Trio This Week

If you've seen two bright stars close to each other in the early hours of the morning, you've just seen Jupiter and Venus. If you'll look harder, you'll find two other planets.
Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia Forecast, Update, Maps & Aftermath: Why Strongest Storm Wasn't as Damaging as Expected

No casualties related to the strongest hurricane on record that slammed Mexico's Pacific coast were reported.
NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Sends back Pictures Of Vesta Asteroid

Halloween Asteroid Larger Than the Empire State Building to Pass the Earth: Here's How You Can See It!

The celestial body measures 1,300 feet and will actually travel very close to the planet.
Moon in the night. August 2015.

When, Where and How to Watch October 2015 Full Moon, Last Supermoon of the Year

Occurring on October 26, 2015, skywatchers are probably already finding the perfect spot the watch the spectacular show.
Hurricane Patricia Seen From Space

Hurricane Patricia Forecast, Maps, Damage& Update

Hurricane Patricia has been deemed as one of the strongest storms in history.
Global Warming Imapcts On Australian Antarctic Territory

Global Warming Will Make Everthing Expensive

According to recent research, minor increases in average temperatures associated with climate change can lead to a big effects to the GDP.
Comet Kohoutek

Lovejoy Comet Found to Emit Alcohol, Sugar [Photos]

Lovejoy Comet is reported to be producing an equivalent of 500 bottles of wine per second, according to NASA.
Hurricane Patricia Seen From Space

Hurricane Patricia 2015 Footage: See the Storm Power Through Via Social Media Videos

Early Saturday morning, Hurricane Patricia was downgraded to a tropical depression. This comes after the natural disaster ravaged Mexico with 200 mph winds. The storm is now becoming known as the strongest hurricane ever known to make landfall on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Scientists Discover New Way of Producing Red Blood Cells

Could this lead to the end of human blood supply shortage?
Chinese Students Attend Summer Camp For Overweight Kids

Frequent Use of Antibiotics Can Make Children Fatter, Says Study

Exposure to antibiotics can actually affect a person’s body mass index or BMI, according to researchers.
NASA Kepler

Is This the Real Life 'Death Star'? White Dwarf Seen Destroying a Planet

A star was recently spotted by the NASA Kepler space telescope, destroying a planet slowly. “Star Wars” fans may compare the occurrence to the fictional spacecraft Death Star disintegrating an entire planet.

Is 14th Season Really Mythbusters' Last?

The myth busting wil end after this season will come to a close.
Mysterious floating city in China

Enormous Mysterious City Seen Floating in the Sky Over China

A highly-unusual sighting of what appeared to be a gigantic city among the clouds hovering over the cities of Foshan and Jiangxi, regions of China, was reportedly captured in a video.
Asteroid 2012 DA14

Huge Asteroid to Pass Earth on Halloween

Here's one scare apt for Halloween – an asteroid measuring 300 and 600 meters across will have a near miss with Earth on October 31.
Solar Eruption Rises Above Sun

Massive Hole in the Sun as Big as 50 Earths [Photo]

A "Corona hole" that could swallow 50 Earths has been causing geomagnetic storms and aurora borealis appearances on Earth.

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