Heavy Rains Pound Southern California

‘Strongest' El Nino Phenomenon in Over 60 Years Coming, Experts Say

The most powerful El Nino phenomenon since the 1950s is said to happen soon.
A GoPro Hero 4 camera is displayed

Lost GoPro That Traveled Into Space & Fell Back to Earth Reveals Spectacular Footage of the Grand Canyon [

The video showed a marvelous footage of the Grand Canyon and plains of Arizona.
Astronauts Prepare For Spaceflight In Russia

Record-Breaking Russian Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka Returns to Earth [Photo]

Cosmonaut Gennedy Padalka is now regarded as the most experienced space flier in the world.
New Horizons Nears July 14 Flyby Of Pluto

Check This Out: New High Resolution Photos of Pluto Here!

NASA's Horizon sent back a new batch of Pluto photos -- and this time, they're in hi-res.
Global Warming Imapcts On Australian Antarctic Territory

Burning All The World's Fossil Fuels Can Eliminate Entire Antarctic Ice Sheet, Study Says

New study reports that the combustion of the world's fossil fuels may increase sea levels by 50 metres.
Works at Atapuerca Archeological Site

Bones Found in South Africa Reveals New Human Ancestor [PHOTO]

A new discovery has got researchers rethinking what they know about the human species.
Elon Musk, CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors, and chairman of SolarCity

Elon Musk Called a 'Super Villain' After Suggesting Nuking Mars

Stephen Colbert called him the billionaire businessman a “supervillain”.
A meal of fried sardines

How to Ward Off Depression? Study Says Eat More Fish!

A new study showed that eating more fish can help people prevent depression.
Oriental sweetlips fish

'Bastard Blue' Fish Species Fight Rivals by Kissing

A species of fish known for its aggressiveness and elusiveness finally gets official recognition from scientists.
Research Into Cancer Conducted At The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Scientists Discover 30,000-Year-Old 'Giant Virus' in Siberia

And they plan to revive it in a lab setting. Is this “Jurassic Park” revisited?
Shooting star seen on 7-Sep-2015

Shooting Star, Falling Meteor or What? Mysterious Fireball Streaks Across Bangkok's Sky [Watch Here]

A mysterious fireball descended across Bangkok's northern skies - a phenomenon awesomely caught on a local's dashcam Monday morning.
Star Wars

'MythBusters' Test 'Star Wars' Laser Blasters: Watch Here!

After taking on that improvised rotating gun trick from "Breaking Bad," MythBusters moves on to testing "Star Wars'" laser blasters.
An elderly patient lies in a bed

Patients Admitted on a Weekend Are 15% More Likely to Die, Study Says

A new research showed that people who are admitted to a hospital during weekends are 15% more likely to die, compared to those who are admitted on weekdays.
Space Shuttle Discovery Moved To Launch Pad

Rising Sea Levels May Flood NASA's Launch Sites

$66 billion to $106 billion worth of coastal property is at risk if a solution is not implemented by 2050.

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