Supermoon Eclipse Visible In Skies Over North America

Super Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse Sep. 2015 [PHOTOS] Stunning and Not-So Stunning Pics of Sunday's Celestial Event

Sunday leant itself to a beautiful, celestial phenomenon which will not happen in another 18 years
Full Lunar Eclipse Visible As Moon Aligns Into Earth's Shadow

'Blood Moon' to Signal End Times? Here's What NASA Says

A supermoon that also happens to figure in a lunar eclipse, resulting in a reddish-hued moon, has certain entities declaring apocalypse is near.
Human Brain-to-Brain Interface Tests Mind Control

Brain-to-Brain Interfaces Possible? Telepathy Study Connects Human Brains Via The Internet

A new telepathy experiment linked human brains using the internet. It might show that brain-to-brain interfaces may finally be possible.
Tea in different grade of fermentation

Teen Develops Acute Hepatitis After Drinking Weight-Loss Tea Bought Online

A 16-year-old girl who wanted to lose weight developed serious health issues such as acute hepatitis from drinking a lot of weight-loss tea she bought online.
Supermoon Rises Over The UK

Rare Super Blood Moon to Appear on Sunday: What to Expect

On another rare astronomical phenomenon will be dominating the sky on Sunday in the form of a super moon. This will be the last appearance of the one-of-a-kind lunar eclipse until 2033.
Close-up Of Mars

'Mars Mystery Solved'? NASA's Major Space News & Everything We Know So Far Here!

NASA teases with a "Mars Mystery Solved" announcement.
Total Lunar Eclipse In China

Super Blood Moon to Rise Sunday Night, Live Stream & Peak Times, Where to Catch The Rare Celestial Event

Stargazers get excited! A rare celestial event is taking place high in the sky on Sunday evening. The moon will appear larger than ever with a ravishing red hue at approximately 9:07 p.m. EST on Sunday, Sept. 27.
Circular family tree of Earth's lifeforms

First 'Tree of Life' Evolution Guide Featuring 2.3 Million Species

The evolution guide showcased an estimated 2.3 million named species of plants, animals, fungi and microbes.
Vancouver, BC Scenics

Meet Mishka, the Asthmathic Sea Otter That Uses Inhaler

The first sea otter to be diagnosed with asthma learns how to use the inhaler.

Weird Rainbow Cloud Spotted in Costa Rica Explained [VIDEO]

The mysterious spectacle in the sky was reported to have occurred during the country’s Independence Day.
Bloomberg Speaks At Opening Of New York Genome Center

Scientists Apply For Permission to Edit DNA of Human Embryos

British researchers have applied for permission to change the DNA of human embryos.
Total Lunar Eclipse In China

Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Happening on September 27, 2015: Start Time and How to Watch the Live Streaming

Skywatchers better take note of these for the rare September 27-28 celestial event.
A GoPro Hero 4 camera is displayed

GoPro Hero 5 to be Released Next Year? [Specs, Features & Rumors]

Fans are already speculating the new features and capabilities that the action camera can offer.
An invisibility cloak using optical camouflage by Susumu Tachi

The Real-Life Invisibility Cloak is Finally Here!

You've seen it in “Predator.” You've gone all starry eyed over it in “Harry Potter.” Soon enough, such technology could be within your reach, thanks to groundbreaking research.
Drinking coffee

Drinking Coffee at Night Disrupts Your Body Clock, Says Study

A study published in Science Translation Medicine presented that caffeine can actually slow down the internal clock of the body.

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