Mike Hopkins on his Christmas Eve spacewalk

Want to be an Astronaut? NASA Opens Application Process!

Your dreams of going out of this world may come true with NASA's opening of its astronaut program application process.
NASA's First Global Measuring Satellite Readied For Launch

UFOs Spotted in Virginia? [News & Rumors]

The incident is being investigated by one of the world's oldest and largest UFO phenomenon investigative body.
Full Moon Rises Above U.S. Capitol

A Rare Full Moon Will Rise on Christmas; This is the First Time Since 1977

A NASA spokesman confirmed the extraordinary event.
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Des Moines

Is That a UFO Behind Donald Trump's Chopper? [News & Rumors]

The UFO sighting is now being investigated by world's largest investigative body.

NASA Explains How It Would Build a Death Star

Do you want to build a Death Star? You'll need to rope in an asteroid for that.
City Of London Cemetery Pilots New Scheme To Reclaim Old Graves For Re-Use

‘Alien’ Snapped Hiding in Cemetery!

A video caught a creepy green creature peeking behind a tombstone.

Mysterious 'Planet X' to Destroy Earth? Doomsday Coming?

Should we prepare for the end of the world?
'Christmas World' Launched At Harrods Department Store

Christmas Card to Mars?

A five-year-old kid got adults scratching their heads when he asked about the cost of sending his holiday greeting to someone living on Mars.

King Tutankhamun Tomb: Secret Chambers, Hidden Rooms Found?

Less than a century after the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb, the place still holds mysteries that researchers hope hold the key to others.
Russians to Crash Aging Mir

Detected Mysterious Signals Coming From Aliens? Here's What We Know!

Did aliens just send their first signal to earth?
NASA's WISE Telescope Reveals Millions Of Black Holes

Astronomers Just Caught a Black Hole Swallowing a Star [PHOTOS]

Astrophysicists have spotted a black hole "eating" a star.
XSP: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope's Advanced Camera Images

Are These Strange Lights in Space Caused by Aliens?

Strange lights observed a couple of weeks ago triggered a rash of speculations that the phenomena may involve alien presence.
Close-up Of Mars

Mars to Get Its Own Ring Soon; How? [Photos]

Experts from UC Berkeley recently shared their insights on the possible phenomenon.

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