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Dead Rising 3 is one of the many early Xbox One-exclusives that have gamers eagerly awaiting the arrival of the console, and now Capcom and Microsoft have revealed  the price and content of the game's season pass.

According to Gamespot, the season pass will cost gamers $30 and will be available on Nov. 22. This will give players four expansion packs for the game as well as new content to play around with. The four expansion packs are called Operation Broken Eagle, Fallen Angel, Chaos Rising and The Last Agent. Along with these expansion packs players can expect a whole batch of new items, weapons, missions and playable characters, though what exactly this content will include was not discussed. Besides these four packs, players will also receive the Nick Ramos Tribute pack as part of the season pass. This includes a Nick Ramos costume as well as a customized muscle car for exploration and for running over the undead.

Release dates for these four expansion packs were not revealed, however, it was declared that the packs would be available for purchase beginning in late December for $10 a piece.

It will be interesting to see what sort of additional mayhem this DLC will allow players to enjoy in Dead Rising 3, and if the DLC content will be able to mix with the default content and create some brand new creations for surviving the world of the game.

It remains to be seen how the DLC will interact with the mobile elements of the game that Capcom has discussed in the past. Dead Rising 3 will have a mobile app that affords players some additional missions, content and special abilities, like bombarding zombies from the sky.

Dead Rising 3 will be released sometime in November, and along with Titanfall is one of the critical console exclusives for the Xbox One. The game will feature many of the traditional elements of the series such as collecting items to make outlandish weapons, while at the same time adding a more open-world structure to the game. Players will no longer be stuck in a mall, but rather have the ability to explore around town and find different safe havens throughout the game.

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