By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Sep 16, 2013 12:22 PM EDT

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There’s nothing like the bond between a child and a mother. It’s eternal. Unbreakable. Some bonds are more affectionate than others, especially for those timid to leave the protection of their mother’s nest. A perfect example: “The Big Bang Theory’s” Leonard.

And luckily for him, his mother will be making it back to the show. Christine Baranski, best known for her role in “The Good Wife,” has signed on to reprise her role as Leonard’s brilliant but awkward mother, Beverly. According to TVLine, she’ll make her return in an early episode of the upcoming Season 7.

Beverly last appeared on “The Big Bang Theory” in the Season 5 premiere when she spoke to Leonard via Skype about his Penny vs. Priya dilemma. When she returns in the October 10 episode, she’ll once again show her glowing face on nothing more than a mere computer screen as she Skypes with her son. It’s unclear as to why she’s reaching out, but early rumors suggest she could be hoping to speak with Sheldon, not Leonard. Uh oh.

In fact, Sheldon will have plenty on his plate come throughout Season 7. In addition to the questionable return of Leonard's mother, he’ll also be dealing with his feelings for Penny.

“[Penny and Sheldon] share a couple intimate secrets about each other,” executive producer Steve Molaro said when discussing the season premiere. “They have some really sweet scenes together.” With Leonard away, the pair will have plenty of time to bond throughout the season, which could stir some unsettling emotional complications once Leonard makes his triumphant return. Whether it’s plutonic or something more, they’re going to feel the strain on their blossoming relationship once the third party comes back into the picture.

Season 7 will be the season of trying relationships and love, with plenty of laughs along the way, of course. “The Big Bang Theory” returns to CBS on September 26.

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