By Lou Aguila ( | First Posted: Jun 30, 2013 10:16 AM EDT

Lance Armstrong (Photo : Reuters)

Lance Armstrong believes La Liga ball clubs are behind the decision of judge Patricia Santamaria to destroy the evidences collected from the laboratory of Dr Eufemanio Fuentes, who was found guilty of administering banned performance enhancing drugs and blood transfusion.

Armstrong, who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles after confessing his use of performance enhancing drugs last year, thinks La Liga football teams are pressuring the Madrid court judge to exterminate evidences that could link their players to rampant use of banned substance.

Spanish police collected 200 frozen bags of blood and plasma from Fuentes clinic in 2006, making it one of the largest operations of administering doped substance in Europe.

However, Santamaria drew the ire of anti-doping bodies after issuing a questionable order of destroying the bags instead of using it to help authorities identify the players who benefited from Fuentes' illegal activity.

Armstrong said he's very much sure of his accusation, adding that doping in football was 100 times more sophisticated than the system employed by him during his cycling career.

"I am sure several football clubs influenced that decision. In any case, it's still only cycling that serves as a scapegoat." Armstrong told the on Saturday. "Our system was very simple, very conservative and not as harmful as USADA claims."

Meanwhile, Armstrong also irritated a number of past and present cyclists participating at the Tour de France after his comments regarding the unlikelihood of winning the world's most grueling event without the aid of performance enhancing drugs.

In an interview with French daily Le Monde on Friday, Armstrong said winning the Tour de France during his era is impossible.

"The Tour de France? No. Impossible to win without doping. Armstrong told the newspaper. "My name was taken out of the palmares (list of achievements) but the Tour was held between 1999 and 2005 wasn't it? There must be a winner then. Who is he? Nobody came forward to claim my jerseys."

Five-time Tour champion Bernard Hinault and one-time winner Cadel Evans responded to Armstrong's comments, saying it's possible to win the tour without taking PED or getting doped.

"I think the opposite. I am proof that that is not true," Evans, who won the Tour de France in 2011.

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