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McDonald's: Angus Burger Trimmed Out of Menu

The international food chain, based in Oak Brook, Ill, announced the Angus sandwich is being removed from the United States menu "to make room for new and exciting choices," a McDonald's Corp. spokesperson said.

14-Year-Old Who Found iPad2 Risk to Heart Devices Wants to be a Writer

Chien regularly attends Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth, where she participates in the writing program. Writing and summing up the results of the iPad2 project was what she enjoyed most.

Arctic Once Had a Green Forest and May Have it Again: Study

New research reveals the Arctic about 3.6 million years ago enjoyed a forested climate considerably warmer than it experiences now, according to a new study published in the journal Science.

Remains of Dead Star Systems Teach About Earth's Future

The pair of dead stars in question are located amid the Hyades cluster, approximately 150 light-years from Earth. The new analysis also offers new ideas about where planets might be found in the Milky Way.

Why Identical Twins Differ: As Brains Keep Growing, Personalities Keep Changing

Researchers found that despite being raised in the same environment, the mice ended up with a different personalities and the more complex an environment was, the more pronounced individual differences were.

New Bacteria Stops Malaria Tranfer Between Mosquitoes

The bacterial infection that would be introduced to mosquitoes is inheritable and could be passed on for at least 34 generations of the aerial blood-suckers, rendering them immune to malaria parasites.

New Technology Uses Plants to Generate Electric Power

The researchers said most plants operate at nearly 100 percent quantum efficiency, which means for every photon of sunlight a plant captures, it produces an equal number of electrons.

Scientists Finally Able to Do the Math On Bubbles and Foams (VIDEO)

Understanding and predicting bubble science is important because the production of chemicals such as foam rubber, foamed plastic, bread and flame-retardants involves froths and foams.

Generic Effect: First Drop in U.S. Drug Spending in 55 Years

The new research showed drug expenditures totaled $325.8 billion in 2012, a 1 percent dip from 2011, as per capita spending fell 3.5 percent to $898. The purchasing decrease was the first recorded since 1957.

MIT Researchers Discover Eco-Friendly Way to Make Steel

According to steel industry statistics, the production of one ton of steel generates almost two tons of carbon dioxide emissions, meaning the steel industry accounts for as much as 5 percent of the world's greenhouse-gas emissions.

Wrigley Stops Production and Sales of Alert Caffeinated Gum One Month After Debut

The decision to pull the gum comes as the United States Food and Drug Administration revs up its investigation, announced last week, into the effect additional caffeine consumption may have on children.

Cicada Mania: 12 Handy Uses, Besides Eating Them

There are already a plentiful number of reports circulating on how to eat cicadas. but what do you do with all the dead bugs once the novelty of consuming their crunchy exoskeletons or gooey insides has worn off?

Jodi Arias Trial Live Stream: After Guilty Verdict, She Wants Death

Arias was reportedly stoic in court Wednesday, her eyes briefly welling with tears when a clerk announced the jury had found her guilty of first-degree murder for killing Alexander in June 2008.

Rising Seawater Disrupting Life on Grenada Island

Should climate change predictions come true, the number of people impacted by the affected weather patterns by could grow to as much as 70 percent of Grenada's population.

Potentially Deadly Giant Snails Found in Texas [VIDEO]

Believed to have originated in East Africa, the snails have since established themselves throughout the Indo-Pacific Basin, a large swath across the globe that includes the Indian and Western Pacific oceans.

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