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Man Finds 15 Years of Ailments Due to Pencil Stuck in Head

After the patient complained of headaches, impaired vision, and some sort of discharge leaking from his right nostril, doctors performed a CT scan and discovered the four inch stub of a No. 2 pencil.

Commercial Moon Telescope Mission To Be Launched in 2015

Designed and built by Moon Express, Inc., the International Lunar Observatory (ILO-X) will capture unique images of the solar system and beyond, which can then be accessed by educators, researchers and general public.

New - And Maybe Last - Butterfly Species Found in U.S.

According to Jeffrey Glassberg, President of the North American Butterfly Association, the Vicroy's Ministreak went unnoticed for a century because it looks nearly identical to another butterfly species.

Is That a Rodent on Mars? Yes, Say Some Observers

A photo taken by the Mast Camera on NASA's Curiosity Mars rover appears to feature a rock-strewn, dusty, orange Martian surface and a dusty, orange rodent peering out from among the stones.

Antarctic Ice Cap 33.6 Million Years Old, Plankton Fossils Say

Details of the ice cap's formation was revealed through Antarctic core samples containing fossilized remnants of plankton, which saw their populations shrink from a diversity of species to a few hearty communities.

Report Ranks State Senior Care, Sounds Alarms

Seniors are living longer than prior generations, but, plagued with growing rates of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases, are ushering in an all-out health care crisis.

Alaska Officials Lower Pavlof Volcano Threat Risk

Located about 625 miles southwest of Anchorage, the volcano began erupting May 13, with reported plumes of steam, gas and ash. The 8,262-foot volcano has subsided over the last three days.

Scientists Discover Way to Neutralize CO2 Acid in Oceans

The new approach removes and stores atmospheric carbon dioxide while creating carbon-negative hydrogen and producing alkalinity, which can be used to counterbalance eco-unfriendly acidity in ocean waters.

See Near-Year of Curiosity Mars Mission in a One-Minute Vid

The still images featured in the video were all taken with Curiosity's left front hazard camera, or Hazcam, which helps the operational team keep a lookout for potential obstacles in the probe's way.

NASA to Cal Lab: Send Back Moon Samples

The vials of moon dust had handwritten labels dated "24 July 1970." No one at the lab knows how or when the vials ended up in the storage, or why they weren't sent back to NASA.

New History of Mexico Revealed in Cave Art Find

Ancient cave art found in 2006 include nearly 5000 cave paintings made by three separate hunter gatherer groups. The paintings were discovered in the San Carlos Mountain Range near the town of Burgos.

Federal Protections For Missouri Cave Fish and Habitat Open to Public Comment

It could cost up to $4 million to save the grotto sculpins, which have flattened, scaleless bodies, small eyes, wide mouths, enlarged pectoral fins and large heads that tapers abruptly into a slender body.

Child Poisonings Up After Marijuana Legalization

New research has revealed that since medical marijuana was legalized in Colorado about three-and-a-half years ago, more than a dozen young children have been unintentionally poisoned by the drug.

Severe Water Shortages Will Hit Globally Within 50 Years

The scientists noted much of Earth's freshwater stores are being used faster than they can be replenished, so it's imperative people stop regarding fresh water as an endless resource.

"Crack Babies" of 1980s Healthier Now Than Predicted

Recent analysis suggests their behavior, cognition/school performance, brain structure/function and physiological outcomes were affected minimally by of their mothers' drug use.

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