Erik Derr

Alaskan Village Being Washed Away By Climatic Changes

Newtok, nearly 500 miles from the Alaskan capital and 100 miles from the nearest doctor, gas station or paved road, is situated along the Ninglick River, which twists around the village before it empties into the Bearing Sea.

United Nations Eyes Insects to Help Stamp Out World Hunger

Issued by the United Nations, "Edible Insects - Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security" argues that feasting on more insects could boost global nutrition and save the environment.

Actress Angelina Jolie Undergoes Double Masectomy to Avoid Cancer

In a New York Times op-ed published late Monday, the 37-year-old Academy Award winner wrote genetic testing showed her she carries the BRCA1 gene, which increases a woman's chance of developing cancer.

McDonald's: Three New Quarter Pounder Flavors Coming in June

News of the trio's arrival comes just days after the fast food chain announced it would be saying good-bye to its line of Angus Third Pounders, removing the premium burgers from its regular menu.

Fossils of Ice Age Coastal Bison Found Under San Diego Freeway

A paleontologist from the San Diego Natural History Museum found the massive set of bones in early April at the junction of State Route 76 and Interstate 15, where work crews have been making freeway improvements.

Whales to be Tracked Globally With Earthquake Sensor Arrays

The research, the first to match whale calls with fine-scale swimming behavior, as well as communication and eating patterns, began about decade ago, through an effort to monitor earthquakes along the Juan de Fuca Ridge.

One of World's Largest Mayan Pyramids Leveled For Gravel

The head of Belize's Institute of Archaeology says the Noh Mul temple, built an estimated 2,300 years ago, was leveled by a road-building company seeking gravel for road filler.

Issues Over Melting Arctic Reveal U.S. Weakness

When world powers meet May 15 over the future of the Arctic, where melting ice is opening the long-awaited chance to establish a new passages linking west with east.

Carbon Footprints of L.A., Paris and Other Big Cities Tracked by Researchers

The research effort is at least initially focusing on Los Angeles, Calif., which boasts a population of nearly 4 million, and Paris, France, which claims about 2.2 million residents.

Two Las Vegas Restaurants Closed After 200 Fall Sick

Dragonfly, which stands side-by-side with Firefly and shares the same kitchen area, was shut down April 26 after receiving 47 demerits, which included handling food without proper safety and cleanliness techniques.

Sacred Lotus Genetic Code May Hold Secrets to Human Long Life

A team of scientists reports they've successfully sequenced the genome of the "sacred lotus," which is believed to have a system that repairs genetic defects and offers insights about aging.

NASA Believes Astronauts Fixed Leak Outside Space Station [VIDEO]

The two astronauts successfully replaced a 60-pound pump box that NASA had pinpointed as the source of the leaking ammonia coolant, though the duo found no evidence of the frozen ammonia flakes outside the device.

Internal Revenue Service Sorry for Targeting Conservative "Tea Party" Groups During 2012 Election

Speaking at a conference in Washington, Lerner, who heads the IRS unit that oversees tax-exempt groups, said the stepped-up review guidelines were wrong and she apologized.

The New York Times' Journalist Expelled From Pakistan Ahead Of Historic Vote

Pakistan's Interior Ministry did not offer any further details in explaining the expulsion order, which Walsh said was delivered to his home at 12:30 a.m. by police officers in the form of a two-sentence letter.

Judge Blasts Obama Administration, Upholds Morning-After Pill Ruling

Judge Edward R. Korman said on Friday raw politics, not scientific evidence, was behind efforts by Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of health and human services, to block easier distribution to young girls.

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