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Good-Bye Fire Ants, Hello Crazy Ants - Invasive Species Causing Big Ecological Changes

The crazy ants were first discovered 13 years ago by a pest control operator in Houston and have since established populations in 21 counties in Texas, 20 counties in Florida and sites in southern Mississippi and Louisiana.

New Federal Standards Proposed for Child Care Providers

More than 500,000 facilities across the nation would be affected by the new rules, which update regulations issued in 1998, that gave oversight of child-care businesses mainly to states.

Math Skills Improve with New Brain Stimulation

New research carried out by a scientific team at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom suggests math skills and other cognitive functions may be improved by stimulating the brain with an electrical impulse.

Malaria Infection Makes Mosquitoes Crave Humans

The researchers infected mosquitoes with the most deadly form of malaria parasite. Then they then placed about 100 of the infected blood-suckers into a container with nylon stockings that had been worn for 20 hours.

Asteroid 'QE2' to Cruise By Later This Month Without Incident

NASA officials say the fly-by won't be very exciting for those anticipating an asteroid-based Armageddon, but it will be a great opportunity for those who own or at least operate giant radar telescopes.

Postal Service Lists Cities With Most Dog Attacks: Where Does Yours Rank?

According to new research, 5,879 letter carriers were attacked by dogs in 2012 and Los Angeles, where 69 incidents were reported, led the list of America's "vicious" cities.

DOT: Fewer U.S. Flights On-Time, But Airline Industry Improving Overall

The report showed the nation's largest airlines were on-schedule 79.9 percent of the time in March, down from 82.2 percent during the same period in 2012.

Found With Lasers: Ciudad Blanca, Mysterious 'White City' of Honduras

In a 1526, Spanish conquistador Cortes described an area in the interior of Honduras with riches far greater than those of Mexico. Today, after about 500-years-worth of tales, scientists may have found the lost White City.

Women Live Longer Thanks to Their Immune Systems

A study revealed women tend to live longer than men, at least partly because their immune systems are able to fight off infections for a longer period of time.

Stem Cells Grown With Cloning Process, Scientists Report

The scientific team used a human egg cell and parts of a human skin cell to grow a very early human embryo and then nurtured cells from the elemental ball of cells into beating heart cells and skin cells.
Erupting Pavlov Volcano in Alaska

Monitoring Budgets Cut for Alaska's Now-Erupting Volcanoes

The United States government has long funded real-time monitoring of volcanoes in Alaska, Hawaii and the West Coast, providing crucial data about eruptions that could threaten lives or affect airline flights.

Large Wildfire in NW Wisconsin 90 Percent Contained after Burning 8,700 Acres

The smoky fire, reportedly one of the largest blazes in the state's history, had burned through an estimated 8,700 acres in Douglas and Bayfield, but no injuries were reported.
Burger King

Burger King 'McRib' Sandwich Equivalent To Challenge McDonald's - To Be A Hot Sell?

Burger King has introduced its BK Rib sandwich, which, like the McRib, features a boneless patty doused with tangy sauce. The meat fillet is layered between sweet bread and butter pickles.

Low-Salt Diets May Add to Heart Troubles, Institute Says

The panel reviewed the link between salt intake and health and concluded there was limited evidence to suggest such a diet helped, while too little salt might increase the risk of heart trouble.

Glacial Ice and Precipitation at Mount Everest Are Decreasing, Study Says

Researchers at the Meeting of the Americas in Cancun, Mexico, reported today that ice in the Mount Everest region has diminished by 13 percent in the last 50 years and the snowline has shifted 590 feet higher.

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