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Report Gives U.S. Low Marks in Infant Survival and Mother Success

The United States accounts for 60 percent of all first-day deaths, but only 38 percent of all live births, the new report says. An estimated 11,300 U.S. babies died on their first day of life.

Over 78,000 Applicants So Far Want to Leave Earth to Live and Die on Mars

The space travel company has been inundated with applications from throughout the Blue Planet, so now it has to figure out who will be in the group of candidates to reach the reality show round of the competition.

European Genetic Trees Share Many Recent Branches

A research team from California has discovered how close a family Europeans actually are. Samples of DNA from different parts of the continent found most participants had common ancestors living as recently as 1,000 years ago.

Carrie Underwood Joins "Sunday Night Football" [VIDEO]

The wildly-popular country music star was recently announced as the singer for the weekly football show's musical introduction, taking over for fellow female country star Faith Hill.

Cleveland Celebrates: Three Missing Women Found Alive After Disappearing A Decade Ago

Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry and Michele Knight were found alive, reported Cleveland Police Commander Keith Sulver, who added all three women were getting medical treatment but seemed to be in good condition.

Mayon Volcano in the Philippines Kills Five, Injures Seven [VIDEO]

Four of the fatalities were visitors from Europe, crushed by large rocks triggered by the volcanic explosion, Albay Governor Joey Salceda said. The fifth fatality was their Filipino tour guide.

FDA Warns Pregnant Migraine Sufferers Against Valproate, Natural Options Available

Drugs containing valproate are used to treat epileptic seizures and manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder, as well as prevent migraine headaches --- and are already packaged with warnings about possible birth defects.

Study: Fire Retardants Linked to Lower IQ and Hyperactivity

New research shows prenatal exposure to the flame retardants --- used in items such as baby strollers, pajamas, carpets and electronics --- is linked to lower intelligence and hyperactivity in early childhood.

Cases of Deadly Valley Fever Rise in West with Hotter, Dustier Conditions

The disease, prevalent in arid regions of the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, can be contracted by breathing in dust containing fungus-infected spores.

740 Shoreline Miles in Six States Set for Loggerhead Turtle Protections

The U.S. Department of Commerce has agreed on a July 1 deadline for a preliminary proposal on the critical habitat of loggerheads in the U.S. Atlantic and Pacific oceans and Gulf of Mexico.

Close to Half of Teens Text and Drive Despite New Laws and Ad Campaigns

Data compiled by researchers at Cohen Children's Medical Center in New York said an estimated 43 percent of driving-age high-schoolers confirmed they had texted while driving at least once during the previous 30 days.

Printout of Neil Armstrong's Heartbeat During First Moon Step Being Auctioned

A New Hampshire auction house is offering a monitored readout of Neil Armstrong's heartbeat taken the moment he first stepped onto the surface of the moon.

Soccer Ref. in Utah Dies After Player Attack

The accused teenager was playing goalie when Portillo issued him a yellow card for pushing an opposing player trying to score a goal. The teenager then began arguing with Portillo and then unleashed a punch to his head.

Actor Alan Alda Leads Crusade Against Medical and Science Jargon

Alan Alda says with more easily-understood language, physicians will be able to better explain treatments to patients, consumers will have more success decoding the chemicals in food and lawmakers make better-informed decisions.
Springs Fire

Springs Fire 2013 Maps: Thousands Threatened Near Malibu, 28,000 Acres Burned

The Springs Fire and several other blazes around the Golden State state signaled an abrupt start to California's fire season, predicted by at least some forecasters to grow worse through the summer and lingering drought.

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