Mobile Health Unit Visits Suburban Chicago

More Hispanic Children Get Insured

The number of uninsured hispanic children hits an all-time low, according to a study by Georgetown University.
Black Police Precinct And Courthouse Museum Recalls Miami's

Manhattan Woman is Suing Her 12-Year Old Nephew for Injuries She Sustained From a Hug

Believe it or not, a New York woman is taking a 12-year old to court for breaking her arm with an overzealous hug.
Orphanage And School In Torez, Ukraine Copes With Effects Of War

Washington School District Tries to Ban Childhood Game of 'Tag' and Parents Were Not Having It

Tag, you're it! Administrators in a Washington school district tried to ban the popular children's game "tag" from being played at recess, but received backlash from a slew of parents.
NYC''s Lazy Summer Days in Rockefeller Plaza

Sleep-Deprived Children More Tempted by Food, Study Suggests

A study published on the International Journal of Obesity links sleep-deprivation to higher food intake among five year olds.
ICE Detention Facility Detains And Deports Undocumented Aliens

Immigration reform news – Democrats urge DHS to end ‘jail-like’ family detention centers

A letter signed by Democratic lawmakers cites reports of physical violence and sexual misconduct in immigration centers, despite a recent Department of Homeland investigation finding no evidence of foul play.
John Grisham

John Grisham Apologizes for Child Porn Comments

John Grisham, a well known author of legal thrillers, has apologized for the comments he made to a British newspaper that not all men who view child pornography should be jailed.
Children's weather argument takes an unexpected turn

Children's weather argument takes an unexpected turn

Children's weather argument takes an unexpected turn
Children In Poverty

Hispanic Children Face Harsher Conditions Than the Children of Other Immigrants

The children of Hispanic immigrants in the United States live in greater poverty, are less likely to be in good health and have lower levels of enrollment in school compared to the children of Asian immigrants, or those of black or white families, according to a recent report by the Foundation for Child Development.
A man walks in front of a company logo outside an Apple store in downtown Shanghai January 24, 2013

Best Five Apps For Kids on the iPhone and iPad

Here are the top 5 apps for children available on Apple's app store.
Google Glass

Google Glass News: Children and Lasik Eye Surgery Recipients Warned Against Using Device

Google Glass has begun reaching the public, and Google has warned children and those who have had eye surgery to avoid the device.
Dr. Seuss

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Little Known Facts About The Doctor Of Children's Literature

In celebration of Dr. Seuss Day, tomorrow March 2, here are five fun facts about doctor of children's literature.

Are Your Children Watching The Right Shows? Study Reveals That Television Can Have Positive Effect On Young Children

A new study reveals that children who are limited to watching educational programming on television display less aggression toward others.
A swing is covered in snow

Bullied 11-Year-Old in Coma After Suffering Severe Seizures

A young boy is currently in a medically induced coma after a playground fight with children his family says were bullying him.
Some Dora the Explorer toys can be dangerous for young children

Dangerous Toys 2012: List of Unsafe Toys for Children to Avoid for the Holidays

Every child loves presents, but some seemingly harmless gifts can be dangerous or even deadly.

New Study: Kids Say Stimulants Make Living With ADHD Easier

Study conducted using 151 children in U.K., U.S.

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