By Francisco Salazar ( | First Posted: Jan 16, 2013 01:39 PM EST

William Levy and Girlfriend Elizabeth Gutierrez

Cuban Actor William Levy has recently told reporters that he would not get married because he is "too lazy" to sign legal documents.

The actor stated in an interview with "TV y Novelas" that he has never paid any attention to the legal papers and if he ever has time from his busy schedule, he may sign them. He added that he believes that a relationship works if there is a love and not because of a legal document.

Levy, who recently starred in "Dancing with the Stars," is currently in a relationship with actress Elizabeth Gutierrez and has two children with her. The stars have been dating since 2010 and met on the reality TV show "Protagonistas de Novela 2" in 2002.

Levy is slated to return to do soap opera work in Mexico in a production by Salvador Mejia entitled "La Tempestad." The novela is rumored to star Angelique Boyer but nothing has been confirmed. The actor stated that he will be happy with whoever he gets to work with because the producers know what is best. The actor also shut down the rumors about Elizabeth Gutierrez being cast in the lead role. He stated that she is not being considered and she did not do the casting call.

Levy recently completed work on Tyler Perry's new film "Single Mom's Club" and the film "Addicted." He is currently in negotiations for a TV series in Spain.

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