By Francisco Salazar ( | First Posted: Jan 06, 2013 10:08 PM EST

Texas Chainsaw 3D (Photo : Lionsgate)

The Lionsgate slasher movie "Texas Chainsaw 3D" dethroned "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" at the box office with a solid $23 million gross stateside during the first weekend of the year.

"Texas Chainsaw 3D" was on par with other recent January Horror films such as "The Devil Inside" and "Hostel." The films audience was made up of 52 percent female and 64 percent under 25 years-of-age. Many of the attendees stated that they were interested in the film because it starred singer Trey Songz.

"Django Unchained" took the second spot at the box office earning $20 million and bringing its total to $106.4 million. The film is bound to beat Quentin Tarantino's last effort "Inglorious Basterd's" ($120 million) and is set to surpass the $150 million mark. An Academy Award nomination Thursday should also help its chances.

"The Hobbit" fell 45 percent to the third spot and earned $17.5 million; it's total domestic gross increased to $263.8 million. The film is still set to pass the $300 million, but looks to be the lowest grossing movie among the "Lord of the Rings" film franchise.

"Les Miserables" added $16.1 million to its total gross and passed the $100 million mark. The musical was the fast ever to pass $100 million and its total intake stands currently at $103.6 million.

"Promised Land" expanded to 1,676 locations but failed to muster big earnings. The Matt Damon starrer made $4.3 million and landed in the top ten. However its mediocre gross could make its stay in theaters brief unless it earns oscar awards nominations on Thursday.

"The Impossible" also disappointed by earning $2.76 million after an expansion into 572 theaters. "The Impossible" may however be helped if Naomi Watts garners an Oscar nomination Thursday.

Oscar contender "Zero Dark Thirty" expanded to 60 theaters and made an outstanding $2.75 million, an average of roughly $45,833 per theater. Sony is set to expand the film nationwide on Jan. 11, presumably a day after scoring several Oscar nominations.

"Not Fade Away" became the biggest bomb of the season and earned just $280,000 for an average of $496 per theater. The David Chase directed film expanded to 565 theaters.

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