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The famed International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is just around the corner, and the convention promises to provide plenty of tech-driven razzle dazzle for all those who care what's in store for the future. Interestingly enough, three juggernauts - Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft - in the industry will not be showcasing any of their flagship devices for 2013 at the trade show. All three will instead opt to hold their own launch events for any high-profile products. 

Apple has built itself a reputation for doing things in-house, including product announcements. The Cupertino-based giant has been absent from CES for some while, but that doesn't mean it's kept quiet. Apple has taken to dominating floor room discussion simply with outside moves. No word on whether Apple is planning its own announcement for CES time in order to keep some attention on itself, but you can guarantee there won't be any new iPhones or iPads on exhibition at CES. 

Samsung will be showing off some technologies to the public and press at CES, but none of them will be upcoming flagship devices. The Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, and whatever tablet Samsung has planned for 2013 will not be appearing at CES, and will each probably get their own launch event. Recent reports do indicate that Samsung will show the Galaxy S4 to select high-level executives from carriers and partners, but unless there are some leaks, that information won't be made available to the public. 

Microsoft, which has a slightly different roadmap ahead of it than Apple or Samsung, will also be playing it under the radar at CES. There's no sign that Microsoft is releasing a new tablet anytime soon, given that the Surface line is still in the process of launching, and other than Windows 8 handsets from third-party manufacturers, Microsoft's mobile presence won't include new hardware. Microsoft will most likely be holding its own launch events for any new hardware, including the next-generation Xbox gaming console. 

All three companies will still be exerting a huge influence on what the public takes away from CES, as all three are standards the rest of the industry strives after. By holding their own events, and having the spotlight solely on their new product, Apple and Samsung and Microsoft can all guarantee more heightened exposure. With their deep pockets, it only makes more sense to hit the ground running rather than share the publicity with the rest of CES. 

So there you have it. There won't be any flagship devices from any key players, who all seem to prefer holding their own events, but there will be plenty of other interesting gadgetry floating around. Flexible screens, more advanced HD television sets, and some flagship devices from companies like HTC should all still make CES 2013 worthwhile.  

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