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Nokia's Lumia 920 smartphone, utilizing the Windows phone 8 operating system by Microsoft, exclusive to AT&T. (Photo : Reuters)

The Nokia Lumia 920 continues to give the Finnish-based company good news.

Latinos Post reported last week of the Lumia 920 smartphone being sold in China's Nokia Shanghai store, where the Windows Phone 8 device sold out in two hours, according to NokiaPowerUser.

Reports circulated on Monday that the second round of Lumia 920 smartphones were once again sold out at the flagship store in just 20 minutes, according to China's Winp reported the second offering of the Lumia 920 in Shanghai featured long lines, similar to the first round last week. The yellow version of the Nokia device proved to be popular. Winp, in a vague translation, noted the Lumia 920 was only available if an appointment was made in advance.

Since the report only informed about the device being sold out in the flagship store in one city, it doesn't necessarily mean that the Lumia 920 is a hit among consumers in China like the iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy smartphones. As one commenter put it, "Shanghai has a population of over 23 million, thus it is not surprising that a new device sells out in one store with such population."

WMPowerUser stated the second round of shipments were also available in retailers 360Buy and 51Buy.

People have commented on the production, sales, and news of the Lumia 920 following the second sell out. As noted from MyNokiaBlog, people discussed the sales in Shanghai:

Ms.Nokia: the main point is that nokia can't keep up with demand
(and the demand is very strong and consistent)

Qwerty: Shanghai's population alone is 23 million. My country only has 28 million in total. LOL! If 10 [percent] of the whole Shanghai switch to 920, that's 2.3 million unit already. That's quite some number. Given that Nokia is working with the largest carrier there, I'm hoping to see some big figures.

Viipottaja: I personally think the results are still held back by supply but that's a luxury problem compared to the previous quarter. The other thing may be possibly more lackluster 820 sales?

Chris W: I think total number of Lumia sales for quarter 4 will be between 8 and 10 million.
Which would be a good number.
Would be interesting to see had they not had supply shortages.

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