By David Salazar ( | First Posted: Dec 31, 2012 01:09 PM EST

Journalists watch workers install some of the 288 Waterford crystals on the Times Square New Year's Eve Ball in New York (Photo : (Mike Segar/Courtesy Reuters).)

As the year comes to an end today, many will be shifting their attention to the iconic ball falling in Times Square in New York City.

A number of people will be watching the ball drop from their television sets, but there will still be a large contingent that will brave the wintry weather to watch the highlight in person.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the weather of this New Year's Eve in Times Square will be 20 degrees colder than in 2011 when it was close to 54 degrees fahrenheit. The high throughout the day will likely be 38 degrees with the low reaching 32 degrees and feeling like 24 since the wind chills will be in the 20s.

Over the course of the previous week, the weather has slowly headed for a colder trend. On Christmas Eve, the NYC weather peaked at 39 degrees fahrenheit and dropped as low as 33 degrees fahrenheit in the evening. The following day, it hit the peak of the week when it rose to 41 degrees fahrenheit in the afternoon, but the following day it dropped to as low as 28 degrees fahrenheit. Since then, the weather has not hit higher than 39 degrees fahrenheit and over the course of the last days.

On Dec. 28, the high was 37 degrees fahrenheit; on the 29th, it was 34 degrees; and yesterday, the temperature topped off at 34 degrees.

In surrounding neighborhoods, the weather will be just as cold. Those in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens will experience a high of 38 while those in the Bronx will get a high of 37.

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