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(Photo : Reuters)

Kidnappings in Mexico has increased compared to 2011 statistics, based on a non-governmental organization's (NGO) report.

According to "La Opinion," the Council of Law and Human Rights reported that 51 kidnapping cases occurred daily last year, however, that number has increased to 72 daily cases for 2012.

The Council of Law and Human Rights, created in 1991 specializing in assisting kidnapping victims, has information that would contradict reported by the Mexican Federal Police.

The police have stated over 4,670 kidnapping took place in the last six years under President Felipe Calderòn,that would estimate to two kidnapping a day, according to The Huffington Post. The Federal Police noted 1,083 kidnappings took place this year between January and September, roughly 4.5 cases per day, according to El Universal.

"The big problem we have in Mexico in terms of security is precisely the bodies that should provide security to citizens," said Council of Law and Human Rights President Fernando Ruiz.

According to InsightCrime, [If the Could of Law and Human Rights figures are true], it would mark an alarming rate when considering that Colombia -- formerly considered the kidnap capital of the world -- had a rate of eight reported cases per day when kidnapping was at its peak in 2002."

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