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After what seemed like an eternity (especially to Verizon customers) Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S3 has finally been released on across a majority of U.S. carriers. Google is still trudging forward with newer versions of Android, however, so here's a look at how the next update for the Galaxy S3 might look in the United States. 

The next logical step would be to release Android 4.1.2, which is already rolling out in select international markets, and introduces some Galaxy Note 2 features to the Galaxy S3, such as Multi-View. However, given the time it takes for wireless carriers in the United States to release Android updates, the U.S. Galaxy S3's next Android version could instead be Android 4.2. 

Google recently released Android 4.2, and it shouldn't take too long for more handsets outside the Nexus lineup to begin launching with Android 4.2 pre-installed. Android 4.2 is a far bigger improvement to Jelly Bean, giving users access to multiple accounts, the panoramic Photo Sphere, and much more. 

By the time U.S. carriers do get Android 4.1.2 out, Google will most likely already be on the next version of Android after 4.2. So instead, carriers will probably look to release Android 4.2, with features such as Multi-View, by the time Google shows off Android 5.0, or "Key Lime Pie." Android 5.0 is expected to be revealed May 2013, at Google's I/O conference. 

Once again, international counterparts will receive Android updates in a more timely manner. By the time carriers fill the update with bloatware and customize it to their networks, global Galaxy S3 owners can be a whole update ahead (case in point: Android 4.1.2 started trickling out before Verizon and U.S. Cellular released their Android 4.1.1 upgrade). Still, the Galaxy S3 is powerful enough to last for a while, and if you really can't wait, there are always firmwares.

When do you think the next Android update for Galaxy S3s will release, and which network will deliver it first?

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