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Today brings great news for T-Mobile customers everywhere. The wireless carrier let slip that it will begin carrying Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad starting in 2013. This would make T-Mobile the last of the nation's four largest carriers to finally offer the iPhone 5.

The news was leaked via a press release from Deutsche Telekom AG describing future investments.

"In addition, T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together in 2013." reads the press release.

There isn't any mention of which specific Apple products would be carried by T-Mobile, product pricing, or when they would launch. It's safe to assume, however, that the iPhone 5 and iPad 4 will make its way onto T-Mobile's network, and that they shouldn't be priced too far off from competitors. 

In fact the only other mention of Apple in the press release doesn't say much else either.

"The Group's free cash flow is expected to decrease to around EUR 5 billion in 2013 (scheduled figure for 2012: around EUR 6 billion), primarily as a result of the increased capital expenditure and the systematic implementation of the Challenger strategy in the U.S. market, including the agreement with Apple."

According to CNET, both Apple and T-Mobile have confirmed the deal, although both haven't given much else to go on.

Rumors of a T-Mobile and Apple deal surfaced recently, and the move should certainly help slow down the customer losses T-Mobile has been suffering. At the moment, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint all sell the iPhone 5, and all offer LTE. 

T-Mobile is planning on launching its LTE network in 2013, and that would mean T-Mobile iPhone 5 users would finally get LTE access. At the moment, unlocked iPhones on T-Mobile's network mostly work on 2G, and on 3G in some areas, but the carrier is planning on making 4G available along with the LTE rollout for older iPhones.  

An email to T-Mobile was not returned at the time of this article. 

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