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Bioware just released the "Omega" DLC for Mass Effect 3, but reports from EuroGamer are already streaming in about the developer's next single-player expansion for the final entry in Shepard's story.

First off, voice actors Seth Green and Raphael Sbarge, who portray Joker and Kaiden Alenko respectively, have recently recorded new dialogue. Caroline Livingston, Bioware's producer and voice director, posted the following on Twitter: "@SethGreen Thank you for yet another fantastic session. And thank you for being such a kind person." Raphel indicated that he was returning to his role months ago in a tweet as well.

On the acoustic side of production, ME3 chief composer Sam Hulick shared a bit of his creative process with twitter, writing "What I'm up to lately: working on an unannounced Mass Effect DLC! Tossing in piano and muted strings for this one particular piece. High potential for tears." Composers Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan will be joining in the musical effort as well, according to EuroGamer.

Bioware is also drawing on its big hitters on the writing front. Designer Jos Hendricks states, "It's all hands on deck for this one. Pretty much every Mass Effect DLC writer here in Edmonton is involved. If my math skills are correct [that means] eight."

The latest DLC, which launched this week, places Shepard in the middle of the struggle to retake the planet Omega from Cerberus occupation forces led by General Oleg Petrovsky. While players won't have access to their usual squad-mates, the Pirate Queen of Omega Aria T'Loak and female Turian resistance leader Nyreen Kandros join Shepard for the duration of the expansion.

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