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Electronics devices are increasingly crossing over genres and blurring lines. With the next-gen Xbox reported to act as a DVR-like device, it's no surprise that Nintendo's latest offering, the Wii U, also sports entertainment capabilities. While it was originally announced as an exclusive for North America and Canada, it looks like Nintendo TVii will be making its way to Europe in 2013.

"Nintendo TVii will be available in selected regions throughout Europe in 2013," reads Nintendo's European site.

Nintendo TVii is an interactive TV-watching experience offered by through Nintendo's Wii U console. The feature will allow users to stream movies and television shows, all while utilizing the Wii U's gamepad. Services that have been confirmed include Hulu Plus, YouTube, and Netflix.

Users will be able to use the gamepad to take advantage of social media to tweet or post, and can even program individual remotes and schedules. The gamepad can also be used to view information about a specific movie trailer or show while watching it on the television.

Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime called Nintendo TVii "the most different non-gaming initiative Nintendo has ever introduced," according to an NBC News report.

Nintendo's decision to make its Wii U console more of an entertainment system than pure-gaming console comes as no surprise. Electronics nowadays need to be able to perform more than one task, which is why Nintendo even developed Miiverse, Nintendo's own social network for Wii U owners.

Website Gamespot reports that Nintendo TVii did not launch with the Wii U because Nintendo is still polishing up the experience.

"Well, I think everybody who knows Nintendo, knows that Nintendo wants everything to be the absolute best that it can," Nintendo director of product marketing Bill Trinen said. "Obviously, we wanted to have Nintendo TVii available as soon as possible. There's just a few additional tweaks that need to be made."

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