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Sharon Simmons competes in a Fitness event (Photo : Courtesy of Facebook)

Some 33 years ago, Sharon Simmons dreamed of being a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. Now aged 55, she finally took the step to try to make her dreams come true.

On May 5, she took her hopes to Dallas and auditioned in her bid to become a cheerleader.

Although the results are yet to be announced, Simmons remains hopeful.

Sharon who is also a fitness expert, shared in an interview that the reason why her plans to become part of the cheer squad were delayed some decades was due to money, time  and raising her family.

She told CBS DFW,  "I always wanted to try out. I got real close in my early 20s, but got busy raising my daughter. And I thought, why not now?"

After being asked how she responded to the fact that her story received massive attention nationally, she told CBS DFW, "Holy cow, in less than 24 hours after that story broke, it was everywhere! No, I was not prepared for that."

If Simmons makes the cut she will be the oldest NFL Cheerleader beating out Laura Vikmanis aged 42.

Courtesy of Facebook
Courtesy of Facebook


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