First Posted: Nov 25, 2012 03:16 PM EST

The Wii U launched on November 18th in the US (Photo : Nintendo)

The Wii U has now been out for a few days and quite a number of consumers have gotten their hands on the console.

While critics showed reservations with the console and some even called it out for being old-fashioned, the fans were far more complimentary of Nintendo's latest endeavor.

A number of reviews for both the 8GB and 32 GB version of the console have indicated that the fans are ecstatic about the Wii U.

As of Friday morning November 23, there were 50 reviews for the 32 GB version. Of these 50 reviews, 31 (62 percent) gave five star ratings, while three gave four star ratings. A total of 10 (20 percent) gave two or one star ratings with eight people giving the console the lowest score possible. The 8GB version featured 18 reviews, of which eight (44 percent) were five star, four (22 percent) were four stars, two (11 percent) were three star ratings, and four (22 percent) were in the lower two tiers.

According to Amazon, the most helpful positive review was from Joshua in Tennessee who gave the console a five star rating. His conclusion is "As far as I can tell with my initial interactions, Nintendo may have hit another home run. This last statement is worth qualifying, because as far as I can see all of the potential of the predecessor is here--it will just be a matter of Nintendo and other game makers living up to that promise. I can't wait to see what else the Wii U has in store for the future (Especially the not-yet-deployed TVii feature)." Joshua did comment on the hour long setup and suggested gamers to "bring a book along" as it would take a while.

Other positive reviews raved about the GamePad and the HD graphics. Some were also thrilled that they would not have to get rid of their old Wiimotes and that they could use them for upcoming titles. Other consumers were happy that the GamePad was ergonomic and was not heavy enough to produce the strain that some tablet might due to their weight.

Amazon's most helpful critical review was by Hank Wordsmith, "Gunny", who gave the console a three out of five stars and stated that while it was decent there were too many controllers for the system and that some consumers may have to shell out an addition $150 to purchase all the necessary controllers for the system. "Gunny" also added that the GamePad was fun for controlling the system but not as fun during gameplay. The critic also remarked that the OS was slow.

Other negative reviews on Amazon complained about the OS being clunky and most fans were irritated by the lengthy firmware update that prevented them from playing any games for over an hour.

As with all new products, the Nintendo has some work to do to get the Wii U to reach its full potential. Fortunately for them, the fans and consumers seem to be far more complimentary than the critics and this system could be extremely profitable. The sample size may be small, but it is a huge start for the hardware developer.

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