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Zoomingo (Photo : Zoomingo Shopping, Inc)

Black Friday is only one week away, and while some retailers have started their holiday sales, many shoppers will be hitting the pavement to stand in line and grab some once-in-a-year deals. Keeping track of all the Black Friday deals out there can be tough, but luckily we have technology to help us sort through the mess. If you're an Android user, here are five apps that will make shopping on Black Friday easier and more efficient. 

Zoomingo - Zoomingo is an app that will tell you Black Friday deals in your local stores. Zoomingo reveals deals on everything from fashion to electronics from over 80 retailers including Nordstrom and Target. Great app to find out about deals specifically in your area. 

Black Friday App - This app from will list both confirmed and rumor Black Friday sales. You can compare the prices with online deals, create a shopping list, and then even shop online from the retailers themselves. If you're a user, Black Friday App will sync your favorite deals to your account. 

TGI Black Friday - Another Black Friday app that lists Black Friday ads that have been released from retailers. You can download PDFs of the ads to keep them on handy, and create a shopping list as well with TGI Black Friday.

Snap Tell - When you're in the shopping moment, it's hard to make a split-second decision, especially with the nagging thought that there may be a better deal online somewhere. An Amazon-backed app, Snap Tell will allow users to take pictures of items, or scan barcodes, to see if a better deal exists somewhere online.

My Registry - This app will allow you to create a wishlist so that your friends and family can see what exactly you'd like. My Registry is an easy, online way of nudging your gift buyers in the right direction.

If you have any other favorite shopping apps for Android users, please leave them in the comments below.

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