By Keerthi Chandrashekar ( | First Posted: Nov 10, 2012 08:56 AM EST

A concept of a Siri wristwatch from Ciccarese Design. (Photo : Ciccarese Design)

Siri has been chastised for a various number of reasons since her introduction with the iPhone 4S, but let's face it, the technology is revolutionary and putting her in mobile devices is only the first step in developing a truly interactive voice assistant. What's the next step? Could be putting her in a wristwatch.

The folks at CiccareseDesign have released a concept video on Youtube showcasing a new project of theirs, the iSiri, which is essentially a digital wristwatch with Siri.

"On the move, in the car, on a walk we want to control our iPhone with the voice and we want it responds without removing it from the pocket. The answer to this need is iSiri," writes Federico Ciccarese, the owner of CiccareseDesign, on YouTube.

iSiri doesn't mean you can ditch your iPhone, instead, iSiri actually relies on the iPhone in your pocket. iSiri works by connecting to an iPhone via bluetooth, allowing the wearer to use Siri's functions via the wristwatch.

"This is a wearable device that connects via bluetooth to iPhone. It captures the functions that Siri can control," continues Ciccarese on YouTube.

The design is pretty slick and the concept is pretty interesting and sci-fi. Imagine riding around in your car and speaking into your wristwatch to ask for directions or where the nearest coffee shop is. It won't be on the shelves this holiday season, but we could see it within a year or two, by which time Siri, iOS, and the iPhone should all be more advanced and polished.

"We have imagined, conceived and designed. We intend to realize it very soon to allow iPhone advanced control," says Ciccarese.

Oh, and if you stay until the end of the video, you can see a sketch for what looks like a human-leg inspired chair that will walk for you. Wonder what they'll cook up next.

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