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Being practical and frugal simply does the trick of saving time and money. We get to maximize our resources and handle our finances just like a pro.

We share to you some phone apps, which are 100% free and safe to use, to help you with budgeting, financial management, and a lot more.

Finances 101 – safe and secured money saving apps

1. Mint

MINT : Free Money Saving App
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This one-stop shop phone app allows you to set up and track your hard-earned money, know where your money literally goes, and give you an organized summary that you could see and understand even at a glance. It categorizes your balances and transactions as it lets you enjoy the perks and peace of mind that yes, you are finally on top of your finances. You’ll surely love this app especially if you’re not that really good at numbers.

2. Level Money

With this mobile money meter, you could set up and monitor your money in just a few taps. This app hopes that you make smart spending and reliable saving a habit. Plus, you can always check your lists and files on your monthly spending anytime and anywhere. So, say goodbye to financial anxiety as budgeting has become so easy and convenient.

3. Bill Tracker and One Receipt Apps

This duo amazingly does the trick of reminding you of your due dates as well as keeping your digital files and receipts all in one place. With these two, you need not to pay for penalty and late charges as you can always pay on time, budget your money, and never misplace a bill or receipt ever again.

Money Saving Life Hacks from these Friendly Apps

4. Gas Buddy

Need to tank up? Then, tap this app to help you find cheap gas in nearby stations, receive price hike alerts, and most of all, get a chance to win gift cards and rebates. All these and more allow you save bucks and time, too. GasBuddy promises you to never overpay for gas ever again.

5. Wi-Fi Finder

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Why do you need to pay for mobile data if you can track down totally free wi-fi access wherever you may go. Wi-Fi Finder works worldwide so you can always check for locations that offer free wi-fi without manually doing it so and needing to pay for expensive data fees.
Scan those bar codes, save those coupons, and these smartphone apps will do the job for you.

(6) Coupon Sherpa, (7) SnipSnap, (8) RetailMeNot, (9) SavingStar

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Choose any of these frugal shopping buddies that can give you a handful of discounts, coupons, loyalty rewards, perks, and rebates. You also get the bonus of finding great deals and good buys on your fave stores, boutiques, and malls.

10. Cart wheel

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Click on the ‘bar code scan’ feature and it should do the browsing task for you – even giving you other options and similar deals. Select from hundreds of discounts and use it for several times or even stack the app on top of your Target REDcard price cuts and other coupons.

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Be amazed and excited to do this…

Counting extra cash as your ultimate rewards. Enjoy, peeps!