By Keerthi Chandrashekar ( | First Posted: Nov 07, 2012 10:25 AM EST

(Photo : TheVerge)

According to a new report from TheVerge, Microsoft seems poised to release Microsoft Office Mobile early next year for iOS and Android devices. 

Until now, speculation about a mobile version of Office for iOS and Android devices has been largely unconfirmed. Based off rumors, and leaked (unconfirmed) pictures, it looks like we finally have a solid report on the state of Office Mobile. 

Reputable website TheVerge says that based off sources close to Microsoft, they have learned that Office Mobile will debut in early 2013 on both iOS and Android devices. TheVerge also states that the iOS version will land first, sometime in February or March, while the Android Office Mobile should follow in May. 

The great thing is that it looks like these apps will be free. One will need a Microsoft account, however, and this will give you viewing functionality for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents. If you want to edit the documents, however, there's some bad news - you'll have to pick up an Office 365 subscription. iOS users will reportedly be able to purchase a subscription through the app itself. 

Even then, TheVerge states that the edit functions won't mean Office Mobile is a substitute for the desktop version. It will be scaled down, and most likely only useful for quick edits, and not for creating complex documents. 

Still, an Office option is nice to have on a mobile device, and it will give some familiarity for those who still haven't migrated from traditional desktops and laptops onto mobile iOS/Android-running devices. 

Would you use the Office Mobile app? Or have you found an adequate, if not better, alternative?

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