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U.S. President Barack Obama is surrounded by U.S. Secret Service agents as he arrives at Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado, April 24, 2012. (Photo : REUTERS/Larry Downing)

Weeks after news broke on the U.S. secret service agents' sex scandal with "escorts" in Cartagena, Colombia in the wake of the 6th Summit of the America's,  the Latinos Post publishes a number of Twitter messages posted by Colombian or Latin American nationals.

While most posts inclined towards heavily criticizing the U.S. men and their actions, various others were very critical of the escorts involved in the scandal.

In total, eight secret service agents were dismissed with others being questioned.

The sex scandal and all the media attention it got incited a similar case in Brazil involving U.S. service men and prostitutes to come to light and the latest reports reveal that the scandal is uncovering similar cases in even more countries, the most recent being El Salvador according to CBS.

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They hid the homeless, picked up the dogs and cats, hid the crippled, gave the old houses some make up...but they forgot the [expletive] whores.

Why do they come to Colombia to do their [expletive]. The United States is full of brothels and it is the mecca of porn.

Do not understand why so much scandal, the Americans always like to feel at home wherever they go.

even the same bill clinton had sex with Monica Lewinsky in the same office in the White House and now because 8 agents look to hook up with ladies they make so much fuss about it.

What happened in Cartagena has been the norm for a long time. Why so much alarm now? This is as old as prostitution itself. If one digs deeper, you'll find more of the same.

Gumercindo the fool
Each presidential trip should include a whore for each bodyguards, this would solve the problem. Also throw them a dose of cocaine and a box of condoms.

The number 1 tourist attraction in the world is sex, nothing better than getting [expletive] in thailand or japan. Unfortunately the paisas en pereiranas only know how to spread their legs. However they have no knowledge in the ancient art of making love. If they were to have some classes on thai massage, acupressure, kamasutra then they would increase their income. A geisha charges $ 500 but you will never regret it, you will believe in God again, but here they have no labor unions, no school or education, so they are only cheap [expletive] They are losing a lot due to lack of professionalism within the service.

The Colombian government could curse the sky and and seek apologies from the White House. The White House would apologize. However, what we can not ignore is the serious problem of prostitution and drugs, which have made Cartagena a super destination for these activities. With this attitude we are only heading to a worse problem involving many people in the heroic city.

Gentlemen, whatever the president's strategy was it was a good one now that we have the U.S. in our pockets, because in the end, they are the only ones who can defend us from a resentful Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Ecuador. This scandal will make them support us more.

This is typical. The Americans come here and feel like the finca's patron. They think the have the authority to humiliate a woman by buying her company and assaulting her by paying what they want

Neither hussein, or Bin Laden or Al-Qaeda all or Chavez, or Kim Jong-il could do what this escort question the United States Secret Service hahaha .. Nobody mess with Colombian fufurufasss jajaaa Colombia is passion ....

I agree with cantrakonrroncho's comment: "The whole mess is due to a post-paid service. The charge must be prepaid - to avoid misunderstandings and scandals. The girls should be prepaid because usually. I always contract prepaid and have never had any problem.

and as the old graffiti, "the prostitutes for president...the mamas to the government, because the boys could not do the job"!

Totally agree with dq, here we have an [expletive] for some dolaritos the guy throws his professional life. I thought that the only dumb[expletive] were chimchombianos but I see that there are others too

This is just a small example of what can happen with the treat of free trade. Not to mention the sweat of labor in Colombia, not willing to pay reasonable rates or agreed, or in the Good for the escort who responded. foreigners are taught to haggle any price for any product or service but not to this American.

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